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Sipi Fair Dates : 1st May, 2021

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Sipi Fair, Shimla Overview

Sipi fair held in Shimla is celebrated in a suburb Sipur, 2 km from Mashobra, is named after Sipi deity and annually organised in May. The main attraction is the visit of the deity from the nearby hamlet Deothi. During the festival, the place turns into a mystical setting, and nobody spends the night here. The fair provides an opportunity for visitors to connect with the local culture of India. The visitors pay respect to God Sipi (a local deity) and indulge in a plethora of activities. The stalls are decorated, and the venue hauls itself into an ad-hoc market to lure the visitors.

The festival is held in Mashobra on the 1st of Jaistha (May). A goat is slaughtered in the honor of God Sip. The fair is loaded with performances of magicians, jugglers, acrobats which are thoroughly entertaining. A game of archery is also played during the Sipi Fair. Earlier, the Rana of Koti used to be the chief guest of the Sipi Fair and its chief patron.

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Accommodation at the Sipi Fair

There are some average priced hotels in Shimla and Mashobra where one can stay. Several high-end hotels and cottages have also come up in Shimla in recent years which offer world class services.

This particular day is observed as a holiday in the district, and the fair is celebrated with great zeal. The neighbouring government authorities, locals and the tourists make this fair a success and a time to remember in Shimla.

How To Reach the Sipi Fair

By Train

The closest railroad station is at Kalka after which one can take the Kalka-Shimla train and reach Shimla. Generally, the cabs ferry people from Shimla to Sihpur.

By Road

Shimla is well connected by road to Chandigarh, Delhi and Kalka.

By Air

The Shimla Airplane Terminal is 25kms from the city and has regular flights from Delhi. Cabs or taxis can be used to travel from the airport to the destination.

Highlight of the Sipir Fair Festival

The star attraction of the fair is the deity’s visit to the temple. The venue is also a makeshift market where interesting decorated goods are sold.

Venue of Sipi Fair

Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh

Legend of the Sipi Fair

According to a legend, a temple existed before God Sip’s visit to this place. The locals believe that the place has mystical and religious significance. The devotees have immense respect for this place so much so that they dust their clothes before returning to their homes so that even a minute particle of dust (which they believe is the property of God Sip) is not carried away.No one spends the night in the temple. The temple also has a mention in the periodicals of the British regime, thus reflecting on its historical significance.

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