Here are the top 11 places to visit in Mahe

1. Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon
4.3 /5

1 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

Beau Vallon is the largest and most popular beach of Seychelles, located around 3 kms from Victoria, on Mahe. With white sand and crystal clear water, it is famous for snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving and jet ski. Beau Vallon is the only beach in Seychelles where motorized water sports are permitted.

2. Morne Seychellois National Park

Morne Seychellois National Park

2 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

Morne Seychellois National Park is located on Mahe island in Seychelles. Covering an expansive area of 3045 hectares, it comprises more than 20% of the entire island. The park consists of dense mountainous forests and endemic birds like Seychelles bulbul, Seychelles swiftlet, Seychelles Scops-owl, Seychelles blue pigeon and Seychelles sunbird. The world's smallest frog, which is 1cm in length, can also be spotted here.

3. Eden Island

Eden Island

3 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

Located around 3.5 kilometers from Victoria, Eden Island is an artificial island belonging to the Mahe port islands, built with funds from Dubai, having protected bays and beaches. With premium ocean-facing views, the island is famous for its luxurious Eden Bleu Hotel. The island also has a Yacht marina, bars and restaurants and also places for a shopping spree. Eden Island is the only place in Mahe where foreigners are permitted to buy a land, with waterside villas on Sale.

4. Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple

Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple

4 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

Close to the famous Sir Selwyn-Selwyn Clarke Market, the Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar temple is located on Quincy St and is one of the most famous places of worship in all of Seychelles. Small but brightly painted, it stands out from the rest of the buildings. You can seek the blessings of the temple while enjoying the picturesque architecture of the monument.

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5. Takamaka Rum Distillery Tour

Takamaka Rum Distillery Tour

5 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

The Takamaka Rum Distillery located on Mahe Island is a popular place to visit in Seychelles. Learn the rum making process on a guided tour of the distillery and the historical plantation and garden followed by rum tasting. The estate also houses the La Plaine St. André Restaurant and Bar, and a shop selling the Takamaka rum. 

6. Anse Marie-Louise

Anse Marie-Louise

6 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

Lying south-east of Mahe, Anse Marie Louise is a tranquil beach wrapped in turquoise blue water and sparkling sand. Anse Marie is easily accessible from Anse Forbans and is often referred to as an extension of the same beach. Being one of the last beaches of the island, Anse Marie is not as busy as other beaches in Seychelles Island.

7. Anse Intendance

Anse Intendance
4.2 /5

7 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

Located at the south of Mahe, Anse Intendance is one of the isolated beaches of Seychelles. Since there are no reefs, the beach shore has larger waves making it an ideal spot for surfing rather than swimming. With a backdrop of mangroves and large granite formations, the beach is a picture-perfect spot when in Seychelles. It is also one of the few beaches in Seychelles where turtle nests are common. The remote beach hosts only one resort known as the Banyan Tree, which is a luxury paradise for all its guests. The best time to visit the beach is from October to March.

8. Anse Aux Poules Bleues

Anse Aux Poules Bleues

8 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

Anse Aux Poules Bleues is one of the lesser known beaches of Mahe island. Undisturbed by the regular tourist crowd, it is a great place to relax. The water here is calm and ideal for swimming, though the seabed is muddy at time.

9. Anse Forbans

Anse Forbans

9 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

Anse Forbans is one of the remote beaches on Mahe island popular for snorkelling. The water here is calm and full of aquatic life. which also makes it ideal for swimming and fishing. Anse Forbans beach is often crowded with families and children as it is located close to several accommodations.

10. Anse Royale Beach

Anse Royale Beach

10 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

The Anse Royale Beach is located on the southeastern coast of Mahe Island, and is one of the most popular beaches. It is a long stretch of bay which consists of smaller beach sections. The water here is usually calm and ideal for swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing.

11. Le Domaine De Val Des Pres

Le Domaine De Val Des Pres

11 out of 11 places to visit in Mahe

Le Domaine De Val De Pres is an artisanal craft village, located on Mahe island, showcasing traditional creole culture through displays. It consists of the last authentic traditional creole home, a 19th century plantation house. Pottery, paintings, model boats, and clothing are some of the exhibits here.

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