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Pedda Cheruvu, Secunderabad Overview

Pedda Cheruvu is also called as Ramanthapur Lake and is located at Ramanthapur, Hyderabad in the outskirts of Kamareddy district. The lake was once highly polluted with weebs, debris and plastic. However, in 2018 the lake sprang back to life after the Government and NGO took immense efforts in purifying the water. The water retention capacity was improved, and the entire lake was beautified with various plantations. After it was rejuvenated, the 618 acres lake has become an enchanting place to visit. The fresh air, landscape and the picturesque location make a perfect picnic spot for an enjoyable day.

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About Ramanthapur Lake

Ramanthapur Lake has a catchment capacity of about 68.97 square kilometers and has a cumulative flow of the lake is 8,860 cusecs. It is also a source of potable water to the nearby residents and provides water for irrigation for over 900 acres of land. This attractive lake is currently brimming with various species of birds, insects and plants. The water flow and serene atmosphere adds an elegant view to the lake. As there is no road that links to the lake, a kuchcha road nearby is under the plan of reconstruction to make it easier for the visitors to reach the lake. Various other measures are taken by the government to restore the lake to its originality and create a more appealing atmosphere.

History of Pedda Cheruvu

Pedda Chevuru means Large Lake in Telugu. It is a natural lake which was discovered in 1897 during the rule of Mir Mahaboob Ali Khan, who was the 6th Nizam of Hyderabad. The naturally attractive lake went through a bad phase and became one of the most polluted lakes in the city. However, in due course, Wells Fargo, a multinational financial company, contributed 80 lakhs for cleansing the lake and for the ecological rejuvenation of the lake. They coordinated with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and an NGO to begin the work. Very soon, the condition of the lake improvised drastically. Around 200 saplings were planted, garbage bins were placed, and notice boards were fixed, giving the lake a new makeover.

Places to visit nearby

Closer to the lake and many other places to visit. About 5.5 kilometres from the lake is the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium. Spread over 16 acres, it has a capacity of withholding 55,000 people at once. The ends of the stadium are called Pavilion End and North End. Floodlights are fixed on six towers to illuminate the stadium during night matches. Test, ODI and T20 matches are conducted here since 2005. Another place of fun and religious significance is the Moula Ali hill located 9 kilometres from Pedda Cheruvu. It is a rocky hill with around 500 odd but not too steep footsteps. On the way up the hill, it provides different views of the city. The hill which has a rocky terrain is quite popular among trekkers. On top of the hill is a Dargah which is quite popular in the city. Commonly called the Moula Ali Dargah, it is beautifully decorated with vibrant coloured glasses. There are also other temples, churches and parks located just around the lake within a short distance.

Best time to visit the Lake

The climate in Secunderabad is pleasant during October, November and December. The lake can be most enjoyed during that span of time. However, visiting Pedda Cheruvu during summers would also be quite soothing. It is recommended that the lake be visited during early mornings or late evenings especially if it is being visited during summers. Summer at Secunderabad can get really hot and humid and is thus not advisable to visit in peak afternoons.

How To Reach Pedda Cheruvu

The lake is located 8.8 kilometres from Secunderabad. Local trains, autos, buses and taxis are available to commute to the lake. All the local transportation are easily accessible from any given location in the city. Due to the lack of pathway leading to the lake, some amount of walking has to be done to reach the lake. The nearest airport is in Hyderabad at a distance of 37 kilometres from Pedda Cheruvu. The closest railway station is in Secunderabad, 9.5 kilometres away from the lake. Metro trains and public transportation is available at ease to shuttle between the different places of visit in the city.

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