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157. Family Fun Center

Family Fun Center

17 km
from city center
157 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Family fun centre is located in Tukwila and serves the crowd a platter full of fun, amusement, activities and enjoyment with some amazing outdoor and indoor rides ideal for all age groups. Laser Tag, miniature golf, VR challenge, bumper cars among many other rides attract visitors to this amusement park. GoKart is one of the most popular rides in the park followed by the thrilling Screamin’ Swing. Kidopolis Playland and Arcade game arena are indoor gaming spots in the park ideal for children along with bowling lanes for enhanced fun. The family Fun centre houses many eateries as well to satisfy your hunger pangs on an adventurous day out session in the park.

158. The Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel

1 km
from city center
158 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Tallest Ferris wheel in Seattle, The Seattle Great Wheel is a popular landmark in the city located on the west coast. The giant Ferris wheel is 175 feet high and offers 42 well designed gondolas including some posh interior VIP gondolas. Appropriate for all ages, The Seattle Great Wheel is a must try ride in the city for a panoramic view of the Seattle skyline. Fine dining restaurants and great wheel light shows add up the cheer to the place attracting more audience.

159. Wild Waves Theme Park

Wild Waves Theme Park

37 km
from city center
159 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Nestled in Federal Way, Washington, Wild Waves Theme Park is the oldest and one of the major amusement parks in Seattle. The amusement park and water park was opened in 1977 serving Seattle’s population with a thrilling and fun experience. Rides and attractions in the park are divided into 5 major sections, roller coasters, water rides, thrill rides, family rides and kiddie rides. Equipped with 32 different rides, Wild Waves theme park is most popular for its roller coaster rides and water rides including Timberhawk - Ride of Prey, The Wild Thing, wave pool, Riptide, Timber Axe, Lumberjack falls, etc. Apart from some amazing rides, Wild Waves Theme Park also celebrates annual festivals, Fright Fest Halloween celebration and Holiday with lights alluring the place with more fun and excitement.

160. Wings over Washington

Wings over Washington

1 km
from city center
160 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Wings over Washington is located in Pier 57 near to The Seattle Ferris Wheel and is the only fluting theatre in the city with educational and advanced state of the art. The flying theatre takes the visitors to an aerial adventure giving the scenic views of the American state. With advanced equipped Mushroom VR, art laser projection and bass sounds, wings over Washington is a once in a lifetime experience as it provides a stunning film with a pretty view of the state.

161. Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge

104 km
from city center
161 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Under the chain of the Great Wolf Resorts located on the Grand Mount is The Great Wolf Lodge which was started in 2008 with variety of amusement activities. Attractions like body slides, tube slides, kiddie slides, lazy river, funnel ride, whirlpool spas etc. are featured in the amusement mark making it perfect for all age groups. Fun rides, arcade, spa, fitness centre and food court enhances the enjoyment in the park, The prime ride Howlin’ Tornado in Great Wolf Lodge gives a jaw dropping experience along with the interactive water fort tree house, pools and slides.

162. WhirlyBall


20 km
from city center
162 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

WhirlyBall, a team sport and group activity Adventure Park is “the world’s only mechanised team sport” located in the Edmonds city of Washington near Seattle. Ideal for visitors of age group from 8 to 80, WhirlyBall features basketball, jai-alai, and hockey courts played while riding electrically powered bumper cars. The virtual reality gaming arena of the adventure park offers various fun games like beat saber, space pirate, gunheart, google earth VR etc. Events can be planned in groups and teams accompanied by food court serving some delicacies.

163. Oaks Amusement Park

Oaks Amusement Park

239 km
from city center
163 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

One of the oldest amusement parks around Seattle, Oaks Amusement Park was opened in 1905 on 44 acres featuring midway games, skating rink, picnic grounds, carousel, and Ferris wheel. Among various amusement divisions, rides, skating rink, miniature golf arena are few popular spots in the Oaks Amusement Park. The rides section of the park featuring kiddie rides, thrill rides, family rides, and height rides include adrenaline peak, big pink slide, carousel, Ferris wheel, Go-Karts, Frog Hopper, Rock O Plane, Scrambler etc. Apart from the amusement rides, Oaks Amusement park also features a miniature golf court and skating rink for some added sports fun.

164. Green Lake

Green Lake

8 km
from city center
164 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Green Lake, located in the north of Lake Union is an alluring freshwater lake covering 259 acres of Phinney Ridge. Green lake is surrounded by a long pathway which is extremely ideal for roller skating, bicycling, and walking. Apart from being a popular destination among visitors for a weekend getaway, Green Lake is also known for various water activities like kayaking, swimming, sailing, and windsurfing. Various boats and paddle rides are available on Green Lake for an added fun. Stuffed with flora and fauna species, animals like toads, loons, geese, rats, squirrels, eagles and many more can be spotted around the lake with cherry trees around. Green Lake also equips a park and craft centre.

165. Lake Washington

Lake Washington

5 km
from city center
165 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Bordering two major USA cities, Seattle and Bellevue, Lake Washington is the second largest natural lake in the Washington state. Lake Washington havens world’s longest floating bridge which is also the prime attraction around the lake. Sprawled over 8,800 hectares, Lake Washington was named after George Washington and its shoreline acts as a home to Seattle, Renton, Kirkland, Bellevue, etc. There are ample lake front parks around the shoreline popular as a beautiful and relaxing picnic spot for local visitors round the year. Mercer Island and Luther Burbank Park boast the adventure around the lake as it offers various amenities like a fishing pier, barbeque, and swimming area.

166. Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent

128 km
from city center
166 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Nestled on the Olympic Mountains, Lake Crescent is a picturesque lake with stunning blue water and alluring clarity. Lake Crescent is surrounded by the recreational area around Spruce Railroad, Pyramid Mountain trails and Marymere falls sprawled over 2,100 hectares of pretty location. Apart from beautiful lakes, there are some swimming pools and diving area such as ‘Devils Punch Bowl’ giving an essence of adventure around the lake. Lake Crescent is an ideal place for camping as it is neighboured by various camping grounds. Fishing, kayaking, hiking and swimming are other famous activities that can be enjoyed ay Lake Crescent.

167. Lake Union

Lake Union

4 km
from city center
167 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

A freshwater lake within the Seattle area, Lake Union forms a major mart of Lake Washington Ship Canal. The lake is well known for its Gas Works Park along the north shore and Lake Union Park, Centre of Wooden Boats and Museum of History and Industry along the southern shore of the lake. Being one of the closest lakes to Seattle city, it witnesses a lot of visitors for the scenic views and adventure sports. North Passage Point Park, Fairview Park, South Lake Union Park, Terry Pettus Park and South Passage Point Park are must visit destination around the lake and are extremely famous for a weekend getaway. Lake Union also hosts various summer concerts and firework shows round the year for an added fun.

168. Lake Quinault

Lake Quinault

119 km
from city center
168 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Surrounded by tropical rainforest at the southern getaway of Olympic National Park, Lake Quinault is a glacially carved lake covered with lush green moss trees and attractive accommodations. Lake Quinault offers breathtaking views around the area as it is full of captivating wildlife, long green trees, alluring waterfalls, etc. The prime attraction around the lake is its rainforest, Quinault rain forest which is ideal for camping and hiking to feel nature’s beauty. Other activities prominent in the area are fishing, diving, hiking, and scenic exploration. Historic Lake Quinault Lodge, Quinault loop trail, and Quinault rain forest interpretive trail around the lake make it even more fun and worth visiting.

169. Lake Sammamish

Lake Sammamish

13 km
from city center
169 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Lake Sammamish is a captivating freshwater lake nestled on the eastern side of Bellevue city. Sprawled over 1,980 hectares, it is also home to Lake Sammamish State Park on the southern end and is one of the most developed lakes present in the proximity of Seattle. Apart from the clear water and scenic views, Lake Sammamish is worth visiting for the two beaches located around the shoreline which offers adventure sports like swimming, kayaking, boarding, and hiking. The leisure activities such as sunbathing, picnicking, and baseball which are prevalent around Lake Sammamish doubles the fun and makes it ideal for a weekend getaway.

170. Lake Cushman

Lake Cushman

77 km
from city center
170 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Lake Cushman is a popular lake sitting on the north branch of the Skokomish River covering 1,620 hectares. Neighboured by Olympic National Forest, visitors can capture some extraordinary landscape views around Lake Cushman. It is extremely popular as a recreational spot as it offers boating, fishing, hiking, kayaking etc. Lake Cushman houses various pretty resorts and camping grounds ideal for a day camp or a weekend getaway around the crystal clear blue water. The cool and cerulean water of Lake Cushman is extremely relaxing and perfect for paddling. The mountains around the lake beautify it and offer more adventure with the cliff jumping activity.

171. Haller Lake

Haller Lake

13 km
from city center
171 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Sitting in the neighbourhood of Seattle towards its north end, Haller Lake is a small yet enchanting lake in the Haller lake street end park. Haller Lake is popular among the local visitors for its windy and lovely pathway along with the extraordinary nature’s beauty. Bird watching is one of the prominent activities around the lake. The winter season calls for some wildlife fun as coots, ruddy ducks, shovelers, buffleheads, gadwalls, cormorants etc. can be spotted during this time. Picnic and fishing can be enjoyed round the year around the lake.

172. Angle Lake

Angle Lake

21 km
from city center
172 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Sprawled over 102 acres in SeaTac, Angle Lake is an L-shaped lake with clear water and lush green surroundings. The lake is encircled with ample facilities and activities such as spray park play area, barbecue area, picnic shelter and games room. Swimming, boating and camping around the lake makes it even better for a summer getaway. Stocked with rainbow trout, kokanee, crappie, catfish, yellow perch, largemouth bass etc., Angle Lake is one of the prominent places for fishing round the year. Angle Lake offers playground, and courts for kids along with the very famous spray water park play area. Angle Lake is a venue for many community events as well, like SeaTac International Festival which are worth a visit.

173. Lake Boren

Lake Boren

15 km
from city center
173 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Lake Boren is a large and brilliantly blue lake located in the Lake Boren Park near the Coal Creek Parkway, around 17 minutes away from the Seattle city. It features quite lot amenities like walking trails, picnic shelters, fishing dock and children’s playground for an added recreational fun. Moreover, the sports fanatic can enjoy their favourite sports around the lake as it also equips two tennis courts, basketball court and sand volleyball court. A hiking trail along the shoreline of the lake and Lake Boren Fuchsia Garden around makes it even more beautiful and enjoyable.

174. Bet Alef Meditative

Bet Alef Meditative

174 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Founded in 1993, Bet Alef is a meditative synagogue that encourages Jewish spirituality and traditions. This center hosts Shabbat services where visitors can enjoy a day off from their clock-driven lives and experience a peaceful and joyous time with their friends and families. This synagogue also hosts Torah readings and Meditation activities.

175. Congregation Beth Shalom

Congregation Beth Shalom

175 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

A Conservative Synagogue in Seattle, Congregation Beth Shalom has celebrated over 50 years as a social and spiritual Jewish institution. The main aim of this synagogue is to encourage communal growth and spread love and kindness in the world. Affiliated with the United Synagogue, CBS has almost 450 member households and it provides programs like Early Childhood Center, Youth and Adult learning centers,etc. The center also conducts Shabbat services, daily Minyanim & Havdalah services, Hanukkah celebrations and fun holiday events for children.

176. Temple de Hirsch Sinai

Temple de Hirsch Sinai

176 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Temple de Hirsch Sinai- The largest Reform congregation in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle. Boasting vibrant Neoclassical architecture, this temple is a merger between Temple de Hirsch and Temple Sinai of Bellevue. This synagogue’s main aim is to create a place for the Jewish community where they can study, pray, and partake in various social and cultural activities. Serving more than 1500 member families, this place hosts a number of Shabbat services, educational classes and holiday celebrations.

177. Congregation Ezra Bessaroth

Congregation Ezra Bessaroth

177 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Congregation Ezra Bessaroth is an Orthodox Synagogue in the Seward Park neighbourhood of Seattle. This synagogue was founded by the immigrants of Rhodes Island whose Sephardic heritage, traditions and customs are maintained by the Congregation. This is the only center that actively celebrates the legacy of Sephardic Jewish life in the US.

178. Temple Beth Am

Temple Beth Am

178 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

A Reform synagogue located in Seattle’s North End, Temple Beth Am is voted as the best synagogue by the Jewish readers of Seattle. This temple welcomes individuals from all races, ages and genders. It believes in strengthening relationships to Judaism, inspiring individuals, and works on Tikkun Olam’s principle, i.e. to make the world a better place to live.

179. Secular Jewish Circle of Puget Sound

Secular Jewish Circle of Puget Sound

179 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

The Secular Jewish Circle is a synagogue for secular jews. The center has a very welcoming community that consists of individuals from different walks of life. Affiliated with the Humanistic Judaism Movement, SJC focuses on celebrating historical and cultural Jewish traditions and secular humanism. The center hosts educational sessions for adults and children through Shalom Sunday School and B’nai Mitzvah Programs to teach the philosophies of a humanistic approach.

180. Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation

Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation

180 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Established in 1914, Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation is an Orthodox Synagogue in Seattle. The term Bikur Holim implies taking care of the sick and old members of the community. SBH teaches its members the importance of values and Jewish traditions. Celebrating more than 100 years as a warm and vibrant Sephardic Congregation, this center has brought about considerable positive changes in society.

181. Temple B’nai Torah

Temple B’nai Torah

181 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Temple B’nai Torah is a Reform synagogue in the Seattle Metropolitan Area (Bellevue). Formerly known as the ‘Traditional Reform Synagogue of Greater Seattle’ this center is located on a 3-acres wooded land alongside a fantastic Jewish Campus. The TBT community works towards creating a place of worship, study and activities to explore connections to Judaism and its traditions.

182. Minyan Ohr Chadash

Minyan Ohr Chadash

182 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

A Modern Orthodox established for daily Shabbat and Chagim meets in Seward Park, Seattle. Ohr Chadash welcomes everyone to enjoy their day-off with singing, Tefillah & Torah readings and engaging in group discussions and activities. This Zionist synagogue offers a warm destination to its members to unwind and have a fun time.

183. Hillel UW

Hillel UW

183 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Hillel UW- University of Washington is one of the best educational synagogues for students in Seattle. Young students at Hillel are taught to explore, embrace and celebrate Jewish life. These students are pioneers of the Jewish community who further strengthen and enrich Jewish culture and heritage in the world. Hillel offers its students with various Jewish learning programs, Shabbat services, social events and educational trips to Israel.

184. Congregation Tikvah Chadashah

Congregation Tikvah Chadashah

184 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Congregation Tikvah Chadashah is a chavurah-style GLBT congregation in Seattle. This synagogue is a member of the World Congress of Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Jewish Oragnizations. The center hosts Shabbat & Holiday services and welcomes people from all backgrounds and sexual orientations. This center’s main mission is to create a community where people can share joyous and meaningful prayers in an environment that includes individuals of every kind.

185. Chabad Lubavitch House

Chabad Lubavitch House

185 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Chabad-Lubavitch is known worldwide for its excellent achievements as a religious educational organization. It has several branches all over Washington with one of the centers in Seattle. Chabad-Lubavitch not only welcomes the Jewish community members but also individuals from the Non-Jewish communities. The main motive of this organization is to reach out to people and help them enhance their spiritual, ethical and moral lives. The center hosts various programs where individuals can learn the true meaning of humanity.

186. Emanuel Congregation

Emanuel Congregation

186 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

An Orthodox synagogue in Seattle, Emanuel Congregation is a hidden gem- A perfect traditional place of worship in the city. Located in the Wedgewood neighborhood, this congregation welcomes members and guests from different communities and encourages them to participate in leadership-services and events.

187. Congregation Shaarei Tefilah

Congregation Shaarei Tefilah

187 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Congregation Shaarei Tefilah is an Orthodox synagogue located in the North end of Seattle. It is a place to pray, study and celebrate the Jewish heritage. This synagogue offers Torah reading and Davening classes, story telling sessions with the Rabbi, and some fun musical sessions.

188. Henry Art Gallery

Henry Art Gallery

12,510 km
from city center
188 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Founded back in 1927, the Henry Art Gallery is the first public art museum in Seattle. Located in the University of Washington campus, the Henry is internationally recognized for its contemporary art and culture and for its challenging exhibitions. It was the first ever art gallery in Seattle, to premiere the artworks of talented new artists. Other than art exhibitions, this gallery also hosts talks, film screenings and other events. "

189. Foster/White Gallery

Foster/White Gallery

12,510 km
from city center
189 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Foster/White gallery has been one of the most prominent landmarks in the Seattle Arts Center of Pioneer Square and has attracted global attention ever since its inception in 1968. It houses a diverse set of collections including contemporary art, sculptures, paintings and glass exhibits and encourages emerging artists to showcase their art in this gallery. This premier gallery on the West Coast is among the most visited art galleries in Seattle and a popular spot among tourists too.

190. SOIL Art Gallery

SOIL Art Gallery

12,510 km
from city center
190 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

SOIL Art Gallery was established way back in 1995, when a few local artists started thinking of a space to showcase their art work. It now exists as an alternative space for artists to develop their work and caters to artists from different backgrounds. Ever since it was established, this gallery has been organizing different exhibitions every month, starting from the first Thursday. In this gallery you can find paintings, glass work, sculptures, drawings, wax art, plaster art, chocolate art, sound installations and a lot more. It also hosts musical events, poetry readings and other events as well.

191. James Harris Gallery

James Harris Gallery

12,510 km
from city center
191 out of 191
places to visit in Seattle

Established in 1999, James Harris Gallery focusses on highlighting the works of emerging arts, but the art works are curated especially after the suggestions of internationally experienced artists. Home to famous artists like Matthais Merket Hess, Roy Dowell and Noah Davis, this gallery was the only gallery to exhibit their collection in 2013’s Pulse Miami.

FAQs on Seattle

How can I commute within Seattle?

You can walk around most neighborhoods of interest in Seattle and there's a light rail system that connects a few of the neighborhoods. Buses in the city do connect many areas. Some buses only run during rush hour. Exploring the whole area is a lot easier if you have access to a car, or, if you're motivated, biking in Seattle can be a fun and efficient way to explore the city. The weather can change at a moments so do be prepared for rain. An all-day regional transit pass is available for visitors to Seattle. These $8 all-day passes are loaded onto regional transit cards ($5 each) at all ORCA vending machines and are used for unlimited riding on all local public transit (excluding the Seattle Monorail and Washington State Ferries). Transit pass value covers $3.50 per ride.
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What are the top sightseeing places in Seattle?

The top sightseeing places in Seattle are Space Needle, Woodland Park Zoo, Museum Of Flight, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Museum of history and industry, 5th Avenue Theatre.

What are the top activities in Seattle?

The top activities in Seattle are Seattle CityPASS, Space Needle Admission Ticket (With Chihuly Garden and Glass Admission Ticket) in Seattle, Museum of Pop Culture Admission Ticket, Snoqualmie Falls and Leavenworth German Town Tour from Seattle, Chihuly Garden and Glass Admission Ticket in Seattle, Land and Water Tour in Seattle by Ride the Ducks.

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