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"Seattle: The Saturday city"

Seattle Tourism

Seattle is the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of North America. The city has thousands of acres worth of green spaces and parks, making the city a perfect mix of a concrete jungle and beautiful greenery. Seattle is the third-largest port in North America. Apart from the Space Needle, Seattle is also known to be the birthplace of Amazon and also has the very first Starbucks which was built in 1971.

Seattle, Washington, has a left-coast vibe with a high tech spin. The top attractions on your Seattle to-do list must be the stunning Central Public Library for some iconic architecture, Pike Place Market for a pleasant Sunday out shopping and dining, the Space Needle for the best views of the city and more. Well known for its rain, Seattle, Washington is a city sandwiched between the salt water of Puget Sound and the fresh water of Lake Washington. To the north is the Canadian province of British Columbia. To the west are the Olympic Mountains, to the east the Cascade Range including just off to the southeast is Mount Rainier, the highest peak in the Cascades, and easily visible on a clear day from Seattle. All this fantastic geography makes Seattle the perfect postcard town to visit. 

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Exchanging Money in Seattle

There are various currency exchange booths in the city whereas ATM's can also be used for exchange. Try to use true bank ATM's rather than the little ones at convenience stores.

Daily Budget for Seattle

Daily budget can range from 30 USD to 140 USD depending upon your type of travel. Daily budget travel can be around 25-27 USD whereas luxury travel can be around 120 USD.

Religion of Seattle

Very less people in Seattle are religious rounding to 38%, where the major followed religion is Catholicism and Christian faith.

Seattle Customs

First impressions are very important in America. You must be very presentable when meeting someone for the first time. Dress code is usually rather informal. A business-casual jacket for men and a business suit for women. A tie for men is not always required for business meetings. Americans are usually very energetic and positive. They try to keep everything simple and positive. They are all very friendly and helpful.

Language of Seattle

Majority of the people of Seattle speak Spanish, but English is also understood and is followed up by Chinese. Common terms : Hello- Hola; Thank You- gracias; Sorry- lo siento; Nice to meet you- Encantada de conocerte.

History of Seattle

Seattle lies on a narrow strip of land between the salt waters of Puget Sound and the fresh waters of Lake Washington. Beyond the waters lie two rugged mountain ranges, the Olympics to the west and the Cascades to the east. It is a city built on hills and around water, in a mild marine climate that encourages prolific vegetation and abundant natural resources. Seattle is a major port city that has a history of boom and bust. Seattle has on several occasions been sent into severe decline, but has typically used those periods to successfully rebuild infrastructure. Seattle is proud of its arts and cultural institutions, the many live theaters, and the downtown art museum. It is proud of its parks, of its professional and collegiate sports, of Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market, and, above all, of the beauty of its surroundings. Seattle is also a city of parades, not always respectful of its own brief heritage, not as radical as its legend would have it; a city of homes that has many who are homeless, a city that wants great growth but demands that somehow the setting remain untouched.

Nightlife in Seattle

Seattle is full of nightclubs, bars, etc. Trinity Nightclub, Century Ballroom, The Cuff Complex, R Place Bar and Grill are few of the most famous clubs. One can locate these very easily.

Shopping in Seattle

This city has shopping malls, flea markets, antique shops, and locals markets where tourists can shop for varieties of stuffs. Chihuly Garden and Glass, Pike Place Market, Pacific Place, Westfield Southcenter are few markets and malls.

Currency in Seattle

Most of the debit/credit crads are accepted here. Only US dollar is accepted here however, one can easily exchange other currencies at the currency exchange kiosks.

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FAQs on Seattle

What are the things to do in Seattle?

The top things to do in Seattle are Space Needle, Woodland Park Zoo, Museum Of Flight, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Museum of history and industry, 5th Avenue Theatre. You can see all the places to visit in Seattle here

What is the best time to visit Seattle?

Seattle is one of those places which can be visited anytime throughout the year without considering the weather conditions. Each month has something to offer to the tourists. However, the best time to visit Seattle is between July and mid-October when the average temperature ranges between 15℃ to 23℃. During these months, the skies are clear with minimal rain, and one can opt for several outdoor activities. It also implies that these months are the high season of Seattle. The time between mid-October to February is best for visiting museums, restaurants, and Pike Place Market. The summer crowd will have left by then, and you can find plenty of discounted rooms during this time. Apart from this, if you wish to go on a sightseeing spree then, April and May is the best time for it.
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What is the local food in Seattle?

Fresh seafood is the specialty in Seattle. It's available in restaurants and markets throughout the city. Asian food is also plentiful throughout the city. Dim sum is a popular option and a great way to try a sampling of items. There's a high concentration of Asian restaurants in the Chinatown area
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What are the top hotels in Seattle?

There are 439 in Seattle which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Seattle are 346 West Kinnear Place Home, 7011 4th Ave NW Home, Grace Apartment, Chelsea Station Inn, Lofty Studio Prime Cap Hill Area Mins to Downtown, Prime Roosevelt Contemporary Studio, Olympic Views. You can see all the hotels in Seattle here

What are the places near Seattle?

The top places near to Seattle are New york city which is 3866 km from Seattle, Las vegas which is located 1403 km from Seattle, Los angeles which is located 1545 km from Seattle, San diego which is located 1712 km from Seattle, San francisco which is located 1093 km from Seattle

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