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What is the best time to visit Sanasar?

The best time to visit Sanasar is during May-June and September to October. The temperature is cool and pleasant and is perfect for adventure activities. During winter, the temperature drops low, and it is advisable to carry heavy woollens.

Weather in Sanasar


Upcoming Sanasar Weather

Monthly Weather in Sanasar

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 7°/ -2° 5 days
February 11°/ 1° 4 days
March 12°/ 3° 9 days
April 17°/ 7° 14 days
May 22°/ 10° 7 days
June 26°/ 14° 5 days
July 22°/ 14° 26 days
August 21°/ 14° 26 days
September 22°/ 13° 18 days
October 19°/ 8° 3 days
November 14°/ 4° 9 days
December 10°/ 1° 0 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Sanasar

Sanasar in Summer (April - June)

It is the best time to visit Sanasar. The climate is pleasant, and there is a cool breeze. The meadows are blooming with flowers and are beautiful. It is the best time for the adventure activities and sightseeing, and you explore and stay outside the entire day as the temperature hardly touches 25 degrees Celsius.

Sanasar in Monsoon (July - August)

It is not advisable to travel to this place during these months as there are high chances of rains and landslides. The weather hinders the outdoor activities, and you don't want to go there and want to stay inside.

Sanasar in Winter (September - March)

The initial months of the winter season, September and October have a moderate climate and is not that cold. It is an ideal time to visit the place. The months after October, the temperature starts decreasing and becomes increasingly cold. It is advised to carry heavy woollens during this period.

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