Situated in pretty surroundings, Ratnagiri is blessed with hills, sea shores, creeks, beautiful rivers, hot water springs, forests and waterfalls and offers a rejuvenating experience to travellers.

Here is the list of 25 Things to Do in Ratnagiri

1. Visit the Ratnadurg fort

Visit the Ratnadurg fort
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Surrounded by Arabian sea on three sides, Ratnadurg fort is a structure in a form of horseshoe as wide as 1000 meters and as long as 1300 meters. It is spread over 120 acres and was once a strong hold of the Maratha empire later to be occupied by Mughals.

2. Gateway of Ratnagiri

Gateway of Ratnagiri
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It is a structure with a slopped roof in the Ratnagiri jetty with Mandavi beach. The beach itself is a treat to eyes. The slope is a defense artwork build by Pratinidhi Dhondu Bhaskar, according to a popular belief.

3. Mandavi Beach

Mandavi Beach
3.1 /5

Most crowded beach of Ratnagiri with a panoramic view of Ratnadurg fort in the west and Arabian sea to the south. It has a vast line of seashore upto Rajiwanda port.

4. Thibaw Point

Thibaw Point
3.1 /5

Situated at the hem of the hill, the Thibaw point has a Thibaw palace built as the exile of the king of Burma(Myanmar). It provides a picturesque view of the sunset at Arabian sea and is a centre of attraction for picnickers.

5. Jaigad Lighthouse

Jaigad Lighthouse
3.4 /5

The Jaigad Lighthouse is situated in one of the bastion on the western edge of the Jaigad Fort. This impressive lighthouse offers breathtaking panoramic view of the area as it is situated on top of a hill.

6. Swayambhu Ganpati Temple

Swayambhu Ganpati Temple
3.6 /5

A 400-year-old Ganesha temple, Swayambhu is built of pule which is nothing but white sand and is believed to be a self-created monolith of Lord Ganesha, allegedly discovered 1600 years ago. The temple attracts a lot of visitors especially during the Hindu festival of Diwali which typically falls in the month of October or November.

7. Pawas

3.6 /5

20 km away from the town of Ratnagiri is Pawas, a place where Swarupanand Swami took his samadhi. Affectionately known as "Appa" or "Rambhau", Swami's original name was Ramchandra. Born on 15th December 1903, Swami undertook self-immolation at Pawas and also resided here for for 40 years before that.

8. Jaigad Fort

Jaigad Fort
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Jaigad Fort, also known as the Fort of Victory, is a 16th-century fort that extends over an area of 13 acres in the coastal region of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Located near Jaigad Village and approximately 20 kms to the north-west of Ganpatipule, the remains of the fort stand steady on a cliff overlooking the Jaigad creek where River Shastri enters the vast and mesmerising Arabian Sea.

9. Beautiful Sunset at Pandre Samudra

Beautiful Sunset at Pandre Samudra
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Pandre beach is a long stretch of white sand and therefore known as 'White beach.' It is a lustrous beach with beautiful palm groves in the backdrop and crystal clear water to dip in. It is a ethereal sight to be around.

10. Sunbathe at Velneshwar Beach

 Sunbathe at Velneshwar Beach
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Located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, Velneshwar is a village south of the Guhagar town. Velneshwar is well known for the temple of Lord Shiva and also has a beautiful crescent-shaped beach that is clean, unspoilt and ideal for swimming. Velneshwar gets much of its limelight during the month of March, when the Maha Shivratri Festival is held here, as a tribute to Lord Shiva

11. Water Sports in Ganapatipule

Water Sports in Ganapatipule
3.5 /5

If adventure sports are what get your adrenaline pumping, then make sure that you do visit Ganpatipule in Ratnagiri. With its wide assortment of water sports, this destination is a daredevil's paradise. The facilities are arranged here by the MTDC and are functional from November to May.

Time Required : 3-4 hrs

12. Ganeshgule beach

Ganeshgule beach
3.1 /5

Situated on the outskirts of Ratnagiri, it surely is a tranquil beach for a calm walk and romantic evenings. One can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful sunset.

13. Aare Mango Farm

Aare Mango Farm
3.1 /5

Situated in a tiny village Nate of Ratnagiri, this farm has over 2000 mango trees spread over a land of 30 acres of rolling laterite hills. It is a mangoes paradise for the visitors.

14. Guhagar Beach

Guhagar Beach

The Guhagar beach is a long stretch of pristine waters and glistening sand, lined with shady Suru trees, that extends for almost 6 kilometres. This beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Guhagar Taluka, and at the same time it boasts of being amongst the cleanest beaches in the entire region.

15. Sri Devi Bhagwati Mandir

Sri Devi Bhagwati Mandir
3.1 /5

The temple is located within the massive Ratnadurg fort and is one of the most ancient temples in Maharashtra. Deities like 'veer vignesh' and 'ashtadashbhuj' sculptors are very unique.

16. City Shopping

City Shopping
3.0 /5

Local markets from where you can buy cashews, mangoes, aam panna, kokum sharbhat, sandan and amboli

17. Relax at Anjarle Beach

Relax at Anjarle Beach

The Anjarle Beach is one of the most scenic and secluded beaches in Dapoli, and looks absolutely mesmerising with its tall palm trees and clear blue waters. The non commercialised beach is also especially famous for the ¥Kadyawarcha Ganpati', which is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh and is located on the top of a cliff.

18. Tilak Ali Museum

Tilak Ali Museum
3.1 /5

Maintained by the State Archaeological Department, the Museum is the old ancestral home of the illustrious Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. It has lots of pictures of the freedom fighter.

19. Ganapatipule Beach

Ganapatipule Beach
4.2 /5

The Ganpatipule Beach is a spectacular and stunning beach that is located on the Konkan coastline in the Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra in southern India. This pristine beauty is also famous for the 400-year-old Ganesha Temple that can be found here, the idol of which is said to have been self-created and was discovered over 1600 years ago.

20. Sri Kanakaditya Temple

Sri Kanakaditya Temple

Sri Kanakaditya Temple is one of the few temples situated in Maharashtra that is dedicated to the Sun God. The main idol installed here is over 800 years old and is made out of the black stone, while the structure is made out of mud and laterite stone

21. Ratnagiri Marine Museum

Ratnagiri Marine Museum

Established in 1985 by the Marine Biological Research Station, the Marine Museum is famous for its specimens of the Sea horse fish, Lion fish, Trigger fish, Sea turtles, Star fish, Lobsters and sea snakes. The separate freshwater aquarium section is home to local species like prawns, crabs, turtles and aquatic plants.

22. Swami Swaroopanand Samadhi Math

Swami Swaroopanand Samadhi Math

The Swami Swaroopanand Samadhi Math is a religious and spacious temple. This religious place houses the Samadhi of Guru Swariipananda. A must visit place in Ratnagiri, the temple is imbued with tranquility and spirituality. The shops in the temple premises are famous for selling excellent honey, religious books, devotional CDs, etc.

23. Go for a Swim at Aare Beach

Go for a Swim at Aare Beach

The Aare Beach is a pristine and unexplored beach that displays nature in her best form. One of the most scenic destinations in all of Maharashtra, the beach is surrounded by lush greenery and is reputed for being completely garbage free. The clean waters make it an ideal place for swimming!

24. Try the Famous Kokan Cuisine

Try the Famous Kokan Cuisine

Ratnagiri's cuisine popular for the evident Konkani influence that it carries. You can flatter your appetite with the rich fish curry and Kokam curry . Also Konkan style of making fish is quite different and would be good to try. So would be the Kombdi Vade , a konkani dish made of chicken and rice dumplings.

25. Velas Turtle Festival

Velas Turtle Festival

Come March, the sleepy little village of Velas in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra throngs with travellers for the ‘Velas turtle festival,’ an annual event dedicated to the conservation of Olive Ridley turtles. While the activities of conservation of turtle eggs take place at the beach, the natives of the pristine coastal village offer visitors many exhilarant local activities and culinary experiences.

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