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Devkund Waterfalls Trek, Pune Overview

Located in Bhira, Raigad district, Maharashtra, Devkund Waterfalls are a popular tourist attraction and a beautiful picnic spot. The Devkund waterfalls in fact lie at the confluence of three waterfalls and it is believed that they originate from the river Kundalika. Enveloped by a forest of the same name, 'Devkund', you can reach the peak by taking a three-hour long trek from the base village of Bhira. The places that fall on the way to the waterfalls are equally beautiful and the experience of the trek is really worth your time and effort. You can relish dipping into the water that flows downstream and collects at the bottom of the waterfall.

Devkund Waterfalls Trek

After reaching the base village- Bhira, you would have to trek for approximately 3- 4 km. The trek includes walking along the Bhira dam, covering a portion of the dense forest range. You will come across a small water stream and open fields en route your trek. The difficulty grade of the trek is medium. The forest trail is muddy, rocky, but plain in major portions. It would be well-advised to travel with a guide or a local, who is well-versed with the forests of Devkund. The trail starts from Bhira, where you can see several boards and signs, placed for directions. The initial half hour of the trek, you will walk along the Bhira dam reservoir. Camping is an option if you want to spend some time here. For the nest 45-50 minutes, you will have to walk and then cross two streams. There is  then, a slight climb which opens into a rocky patch. You have to walk for ten minutes from the opening of the rocky patch. You can spot small shops, selling light snacks and lemon juice etc. When the rocky patch ends, you will have reached your destination. The Bhira dam is also known as the Tata Power dam. This dam is one of the most powerful hydroelectric projects of the country. It also makes for an amazing picnic spot. 


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Best Time To Visit Devkund Waterfalls Trek

It is preferable that you visit the Devkund waterfalls, either before or after monsoon. During monsoons, the waterfalls have an excessive flow and the rocks around become extremely slippery. Hence, the waterfalls are majorly visited after the month of September. October to mid November is considered the most suitable time to visit the Devkund waterfall.

Experience at Devkund Waterfalls

There are several things that you can enjoy while on your way to the Devkund waterfalls. You will get an opportunity to relish trekking and hiking on your way to the exact location of the waterfall. You can also enjoy camping. While camping, a bonfire or a barbeque are the much-loved activities. Although camps can be made only during the course of the trek, and not near the exact waterfall site. Swimming is another activity that you can enjoy here. The scenic setting of the Devkund forests, makes the entire trip natural as well. You can also take a stroll around the Bhira dam and gaze at the beauty of the sunset. Generally, visitors and tourists prefer staying for a day or two in camps.

The clear water of the Devkund falls, gushing downstream, is a treat to the eyes. By visiting the waterfalls, you get a chance to enjoy nature at its best. You can bask in the greenery of the Devkund forest and enjoy swimming in the clear and fresh greenish-blue water, with the panoramic view of the surroundings. It is a perfect spot for one-day picnics. If you are in dire need of an adventurous and refreshing weekend getaway, Devkund waterfalls are just the right destination.

Tips For Visiting Devkund Waterfalls Trek

1. You will need a guide to help you throughout the trek, as the Devkund waterfall is enveloped by dense forest and backwaters of a dam. The guides are easily available, you can contact them in the village of Bhira.
2. Wear comfortable footwear, that are durable and suitable for trekking.
3. Carry eatables and water, as there are no shops around the waterfalls.
4. Section 144 has been imposed on this location. This prohibits the assembly of more than 4 people in the area. Hence it is advisable that you do no flock and crowd the area where the downstream water collects.
5. Camping near the waterfall is not allowed.
6. Carry a mosquito repellent.

How To Reach Devkund Waterfalls

The Devkund waterfall is nearest to Lonavala, at a distance of approximately 52 kms. The waterfalls lie at a distance of 150 kms from Mumbai. As Mumbai is well connected to major cities of the country, you can reach Mumbai, by railways or airways. From Mumbai you can easily reach Lonavala, through local trains and buses. From Lonavala, you can hire a taxi or a cab. Even local buses are available from Lonavala to Bhira.

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