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National Defence Academy, Pune Overview

The National Defence Academy, also known as NDA is an academy for Indian armed services and is located 20 kilometres away from Pune. Members from the three defence services: The Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force train together until they are sent for their separate commissioning. The NDA campus is in Khadakwasla, South-West of Pune and the campus area is around 7000 acres. One of the reasons why the campus location was chosen was because of its proximity to the Khadakwasla lake. The academy is often called an ideal combination of perfection and heroism. Therefore, anyone who is aspiring to join the defence, this is one opportunity to witness true patriotic spirit.

The first tri-service academy in India, NDA is known for its prestigious Passing Out Parade (POP) and war memorials. One can visit this place anytime during the year with prior permission. The academy holds a lot of respect for those who served the nation and wishes to pass on values of nationalism to those who are aspirants in this field.

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The history of the NDA can be traced back to the East African Campaign during the Second World War, where many Indians sacrificed their lives during the bloodshed. This led to the Sudan contribution for a war memorial, which is now called the Sudan Block in NDA. After the war got over, Indian Commander in chief decided to start a committee for joint service military academy training.

 After independence, the Government of India decided to have a common entry point for the Armed Services. This was known as the Joint Services Wing (JSW) which was set up in Dehradun. A separate team was started to commence this; the first Joint Services Wings course was amalgamated with the 10th course, and later came to be known as NDA. The Government of Maharashtra allotted a piece of land to JSW which was then relocated to Khadakwasla. Thus, NDA was established in January 1956 near Pune. Since then, the institution has trained many cadets who are now in either of the three defences.


The NDA is seen as one of the most well-built and maintained institutes in the history of the country. The Sudan Block was the building that commenced the NDA in 1956. A few special spots at the academy include Khetarpal Parade Ground, Quarter Master’s Fort, Quarter Deck Towers, the Central Cadets’ Mess, and the Squadrons. The Khetarpal Parade Ground is where the Passing Out Parade takes place. The Quarter Master’s Fort takes care of the supplies for the cadets including their equipment, uniforms and arms. The Squadrons are rooms for the cadets to live in. These include cabinets, beds and tables for them. The Quarter Deck Towers ensures that the cadet training goes smoothly and keep an eye on their drill and march practices. The Central Cadets’ Mess is a single mess for the Armed Services, which promotes togetherness.
Thus, the structure of the NDA is created in such a way that it represents and is inclusive of the Indian Army, The Navy and The Air Force.


The National Defence Academy is well-known all over the country for its prestige and honour towards its cadets. The academy has placed a number of war memorials throughout their campus, paying their tribute to heroes of the war.

The first three years in the NDA are marked for academics. During these years, the cadets pursue a degree course. After graduation, the next two years are committed to independent training for the three forces. The Air Force cadets move to Digwal, Andhra Pradesh; The Navy cadets are sent to INS, Cochin and the Army cadets are sent to Dehradun.

Over the years, NDA has attained global excellence standards, making military connections with military academies of the United States, Japan, Australia and Thailand. The academy has trained cadets from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Fiji, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Libya, Malaysia and 18 other countries. It promises to provide top-notch training to its cadets, opening up potential in the world of service.


The National Defence Academy offers bachelorette course to those who wish to pursue Armed Services in the future. The academy is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru University. Hence, all graduates get a JNU degree at the end of their course. The courses available at NDA are usually 3-4 years long and include bachelors in Mechanical Engineering:

Computer Science and Information Technology, Applied Electronics and Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and B. Sc in Computer Science.

All the courses are affiliated with JNU. The fee is 1.67 Lakhs and the Entrance Tests required are NA and NDA.


The Gole Market is one of the common places for visitors to grab a bite or have a look at the souvenirs that this place has to offer.
·         The academy offers a bus at the gate. However, it is always good to have your own vehicle.
·         Washrooms are available at the Habibullah Hall
·         Water bottles, caps and sunglasses should be carried especially during the summer.
·         Visitors are requested to make sure that they and/or their children have immense gratitude and respect for the Indian defence. That way, the entire experience will be more enjoyable.

Special Visiting Days

One of the special visiting days for visitors is during the Passing Out Parade. This takes place twice a year. Once in the last week of May and once in the last week of November. Visitors are urged to not miss out on this event as it gives them an essence of life in NDA.

Entry Permission and Timings

In order to visit the academy, permission from the Brigadier Administration at least 15 days prior to the visit. It is important to note that pre-planned and guided tours can only take place on Sundays between 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. Such rules and regulations give the visitors an idea of the kind of discipline that this academy abides by.

How To Reach National Defence Academy

the nearest airport and railway station are in Pune. The Pune international airport is 28 kilometres away and it takes around an hour and a half to reach NDA. The railway station is 18 kilometres away and it takes 1 hour 10 minutes to reach NDA from there. Visitors can either take cabs, car rentals or buses from these locations.
  • Buses cost around Rs. 25-45, depending on the route taken.
  • A cab from the Railway station to NDA would cost around Rs. 270-340 approximately.
  • A cab from the airport to NDA can cost anything between 460-580 on an average day.

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