Food of Rovinj

Istrian gastronomy is one of its kind, and there's nothing you can't taste and tell about it when in Rovinj. Restaurants in the town offer a great selection of dishes made with fresh fishes, crabs and shell fishes. Truffles are a specialty item in Rovinj, and every eatery you step in would savour you with a huge variety of delicacies made out of it. Wild asparagus is another item to look out for while in Rovinj. Istria has got some of the best wines in Croatia, and needless to say, you must and must try the likes of Teran, Merlot and Cabarnet Sauvignon. A glass of Istrian Malvazija (Malmsey), Chardonnay, and White and Grey Pinot will make for the best drinks to try here. Restaurants such as Barbar Danilo, Lanterna, Monte, Tugurio and Orca top the list of the best places to eat in Rovinj.

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