Upside Down House of Phuket

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Tags : Amusement & Theme Park

Timings : 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Entry Fee : Only Entry

Adult - THB 350
Child - THB 190

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Also Refered As:

Baan Teelanka

Upside Down House of Phuket, Phuket Overview

Baan Teelanka, which translates to Upside Down House in Thai, is the first-of-its-kind in the town of Phuket. The three-storey building built leaning on its roof has everything fixed on its roof, making the whole house look inverted. Meticulously planned and perfectly executed by a Swiss-Thai couple; this is a must-visit place for family fun and entertainment.

One needs to enter Baal Teelanka through the roof, directly into the attic. Stairs lead you to the three floors covering the living area, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, garage and utility. As you are walking against gravity (on the ceiling!), it takes time for your brain to see things the way they are. Just enjoy the confusion and don’t forget to click some amazing pictures.

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Tickets for the Upside Down House, Phuket

1. Entry Fee

Adult - THB 350
Child - THB 190

2. Garden Maze

Adult - THB 170
Child - THB 120

3. Room Escape Game

Adult - THB 520 to 620
Child - THB 290

4. Video Studio

Adult - THB 250
Child - THB 150

5. 9D Virtual Reality Cinema

Adult - THB 170
Child - THB 120

6. The Drunk Box

Adult - THB 50
Child - THB 30

Activities at the Upside Down House, Phuket

1. Walking Around the Upside Down House

Explore the inverted house, which gives you a zero-gravity feeling and fire your imagination as you try to pose in weird ways. You will be awed by the design and creativity of the owners, which makes each piece perfect.

2. Garden Maze behind the Upside Down House

A fun yet tricky activity to do, one needs to find the exit to the garden maze situated behind the inverted house. Designed by the world's leading maze designer Adrian Fisher, one needs 10-15 minutes on an average to solve this 1000 square meters garden maze.

3. Room Escape Game

Isn’t it thrilling to escape from a locked room by solving puzzles? A team activity to find your way out of the room by finding and solving clues, one needs a sense of observation, calculation, logic, and more to succeed. It takes anywhere between 45-minutes to one hour to complete.

4. Video Studio

With you in front of a green screen, a video made with special effects. Video is then edited to make it like a Tuk-Tuk trip around the city of Phuket. Video will look more exciting and fun if you exhibit a certain amount of acting skills.

5. 9D Virtual Reality Cinema

The fabulous VR system features movements like climb- dive and left-right swings. One will have an exhilarating experience with space battles, roller coaster and speedy rides.

6. The Drunk Box

The illusions in this tilted room give one a feeling of dizziness and make you feel as if you are drunk. As you look at your captured pictures, you’ll look as if you are drunk!

How to Reach the Upside Down House, Phuket

Located just between the ‘Outlet Village’ and ‘Siam Niramit’ on the bypass road, Baan Teelanka is easy to spot. Once you drive past the Outlet Shopping Village, keep your eyes on the left until you see the red Volkswagen Beetle parked inverted in front of the Upside Down House.

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