Food of Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet has an array of dishes that can leave your mouth watering. Phan Thiet Beach City's best food includes - Banh trang nuong mam ruoc (Rice paper grilled with shrimp sauce and rolled with boiled eggs, roast pork, vegetables and butter inside), Banh Mi Cho (A hot loaf of bread served only between 7:00 PM and 12:00 AM along with a side of fried rolls, sausage, meat or boiled eggs), Lau ca (Phan Thiet is famous for the cobia fish hotpot), Rang Muc (Bakes, Steamed, stir-fried or fried squid?s teeth served with pickles and laksa leaves), Banh Can (Rice cakes served with fish sauce) and Quang Noodles cooked with Duck meat. Phan Thiet also has numerous 'seafood pubs' where fresh seafood is grilled and served.

Phan Thiet Photos

Phan Thiet
Stunning Sunset View, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet
Unique Architecture of Poshanu Towers
Aerial View of Ta Cu Mountain

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