Food of Mui Ne

From lazy lunches to happening dinners, Mui Ne has a lot to offer its patrons. You can enjoy a quiet meal of noodles, fish and lemon at the Lam Tung, which is a local staple here. In addition to traditional Vietnamese food, you can also tuck into some Mediterranean delicacies at the Sindbad Kebab and the local sea food restaurants in Nguyen Dien Chieu street. These local restaurants promise the most fresh form of sea food, where you get to choose which sea food you'd like while it is still breathing in the water tanks. The variety is great and if you're a fan of experimenting with food, you'd be able to appreciate the plethora of options some of these local restaurants can provide. Meals here can cost anywhere between VND 30,000-150,000. Joe's Cafe is another place to check out for a more lively, slightly touristy environment with a great ambience for grabbing drinks and finger food.

Food for Indians in Mui Ne

Typically, Indian food is very difficult to find in Mui Ne. However you might find a few vegetarian dishes such as sticky rice, fruits, hummus salads, tzatziki and sweet potato fries. A few useful phrases are

Vegetarian: an chay
Vegetarian food: com chay
Vegetarian restaurant: nha hang com chay
Vegetable: rau
No eggs: khong co trung

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