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Top Things to do in Pathankot

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1. Mukteshwar temple

Mukteshwar temple
3.0 /5

19 km
from city center
1 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Lying just 22 km off Pathankot is an ancient Mukteshwar Temple. The temple houses very old caves that are believed to be the same place where the Pandavas stayed during their exile.

2. Nurpur Fort

Nurpur Fort
Must visit 3.4 /5

23 km
from city center
2 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Nurpur Fort is a 900 year old fort, popular for its ancient Krishna temple located in the inner sanctum. It was built by Pathania Rajputs and later Shah Jahan named it after his beloved wife Nur Jahan.

3. Ranjit Sagar Dam

Ranjit Sagar Dam

25 km
from city center
3 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Ranjit Sagar Dam was built for the irrigation and power generation. Built on River Ravi, it is a stunning work of engineering and the biggest hydroelectric project in Punjab. 60% of the 32 billion cubic metre capacity reservoir formed falls in the Jammu and Kashmir region while the remaining 40% in Pathankot. The power plant has four turbines that generate 600 MW of total electricity.

4. Shahpurkandi Fort

Shahpurkandi Fort
3.0 /5

14 km
from city center
4 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Built by the Shah Jahan's Rajput Chief Jaspal Singh Pathania in 1505, Shahpurkandi Fort was built to protect regions of Nurpur and Kangra. Today, the fort is in ruins.

5. Kathgarh temple

Kathgarh temple
3.0 /5

17 km
from city center
5 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Located in the village of Kathgarh, this temple is renowned for its 6 ft high Shivalinga. The temple is situated at a point of confluence of the Beas and Choch River offering an admiring landscape all around.

6. Nagni Temple

Nagni Temple
3.0 /5

28 km
from city center
6 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Dedicated to the Goddess of Snakes, the temple is revered for its ability to fulfill wishes.

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7. Kali Mata Ka Mandir

Kali Mata Ka Mandir

1 km
from city center
7 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Kali Mata Ka Mandir is an old temple dedicated to the Goddess, Kali Mata. Devotees flock to the temple in large numbers on Tuesdays, a day considered auspicious and the festival of Navratri. The temple arranges Bhandara every Tuesday for the devotees.

8. Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Pathankot

Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Pathankot

1 km
from city center
8 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir is a famous temple in the region. It is one of the largest temples in Pathankot and has the idols of the deity in the main shrine and a large statue of Lord Hanuman in the courtyard. With ample space and greenery all around, the temple is a perfect attraction to quite a troubled soul.

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9. Shani Dev Mandir

Shani Dev Mandir

3 km
from city center
9 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Shani Dev Mandir is a famous shrine dedicated to Lord Shani. It is believed that offering prayers to Shani can relieve one of their miseries and difficulties. The shrine is located amidst beautiful natural surroundings with the Himalayas in the background offering a tranquil atmosphere for contemplating.

10. Ashapurni Mandir

Ashapurni Mandir

1 km
from city center
10 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Ashapurni Mandir is one of the oldest temples in Pathankot, dedicated to Mata Ashapurni, who is considered to be an extremely powerful deity. Kanya Poojas and the annual festival of Navratri are celebrated at the temple with great enthusiasm.

11. Hydraulic Research Station

Hydraulic Research Station

5 km
from city center
11 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Hydraulic Research Station is a perfect attraction for engineers and engineering enthusiasts, especially those interested in hydraulics and civil engineering. The station has an impressive display of dam models and models of systems used for irrigation. One can make the most of the simulations and the research information readily available at the station.

12. Novelty Mall

Novelty Mall

5 km
from city center
12 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

Situated on the Dalhousie Road in Pathankot, Novelty Mall is one of the top shopping malls in the city. Boasting of big brand outlets and global brands, you can visit here to shop anything from apparel to footwear, home decor, appliances, cosmetics or anything else. There is also a PVR where you can watch the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies, and a food court where you can satiate your hunger pangs. Besides, it has ample parking space where you can park your vehicles.

13. City Center Mall

City Center Mall

101 km
from city center
13 out of 13
places to visit in Pathankot

The City Center Mall of Pathankot is a large shopping mall located on Gandhi Chowk. It is the first mall to come up in Pathankot. The mall comprises of many novelty stores and shops, and brands of all kinds find their footprints in this mall. One can find everything from fashion, accessories, beauty and household products in this mall.

FAQs on Pathankot

Can you suggest an itinerary for Pathankot?

Day 1- Reach Pathankot in the morning. Freshen up and have breakfast. You can go for authentic Punjabi breakfast that will keep you filled the whole day. Post breakfast, head towards the Mukteshwar Temple. You can also visit the Shahpurkandi fort and the nearby caves. The fort gives an excellent view of the city. Head towards the Nurpur Fort and the nearby temples. In the evening, you can shop at the local bazaars, Pathankot is famous for its woollens and hosiery.
Day-2 You can visit the Keshopur Chhamb, a heaven for migratory birds and photographers. Alternatively, you can visit the Ranjit Sagar dam, post which you can delve into the tranquil atmosphere of Gurudwara Barath sahib. Evening strolls near temples and historical ruins are another past-time in Pathankot.

How can I commute within Pathankot?

You can take an auto rickshaw or a bicycle rickshaw at cheap rates.
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How much does a package cost for Pathankot?

The packages for Pathankot start at INR 40000 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What are the top sightseeing places in Pathankot?

The top sightseeing places in Pathankot are Mukteshwar temple, Nurpur Fort, Ranjit Sagar Dam, Shahpurkandi Fort, Kathgarh temple, Nagni Temple.
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