Food of Orlando

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Sub-Region: Florida


Florida is known for its fresh juicy fruits, mainly oranges, lime, grape fruit and passion fruit, and Orlando is no exception. You can buy and gulp down as many fruits you want to. Some popular dishes to try in Orlando are Blue Crab, Conch Fritters, Cuban Sandwich and Key Lime Pie.

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Local dishes of Orlando
Local dishes of Orlando

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Orlando

If your taste buds can't get over Indian food, you certainly will feel relieved in Orlando. There's a long list of restaurants offering Indian cuisine, the most popular choices being Saffron Indian Cuisine, Aashirwaad Indian Restaurant, Tamarind Indian Cuisine, and Sanaa. For vegetarian tummies, Bombay Cafe, Loving Hut and Khasiyat among other vegetarian restaurants are saviours.

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