Casinos in Orlando For An Exciting Night Around The City

Orlando is a mixture of several theme parks, an assortment of premium malls and entertainment districts and some nice beaches to attract a lot of tourists from almost all parts of the globe to spend a holiday there. With the huge range of attractions to offer, it is no wonder there are several great casinos in Orlando.

This town is rich in diversity, culture and ever-changing with time. Whether you’re a gambler or just want to try your luck while visiting Orlando, you will not fall short of choices to make on where to find good casinos and have a good time trying your luck.

We have handpicked the 8 best places you must keep on your bucket list while visiting Orlando.

1. Melbourne Greyhound Park

This place is a must-visit for any gambling freak visiting Orlando. It is one of the best casinos in Orlando, as claimed by both locals and tourists alike. It is just about 5 miles from the international airport, so there are no worries of communication to and from the attraction.

It is a part of the Greyhound Park but exists as a different entity in itself. It consists of constraints related to horse or dog racing. They also provide a facility for children to watch the racers and have a pretty decent menu over there. For the poker lovers, it has a poker room upstairs.

So, if you’re looking for a good time trying out your luck in Orlando, make sure to pay a visit to the Greyhound Park and have an assured good time.

2. Orange City Racing and Card Club

Great environment, great food and great staff – compiling all of this makes the Orange City Club unique and a place worth visiting while in Orlando. Although it is a rather small place which has a relatively lesser number of tables, but the game tactics used by the players and the homely environment you get there is not very common in casinos and is worth witnessing. In a nutshell, it is a friendly place with good ambience and nice vibes.

3. Orlando Hold’em

Orlando Hold’em is an amazing freeroll poker league held at fun venues and draws some great players – the main attraction of this league being the professionals. There are certain people who visit Orlando just to witness the casinos league held at Orlando Hold’em.

This is another must-try while in Orlando if you’re into gambling or if you simply want to witness the fun the professionals have there. This casino is near the Orlando airport, near the northern suburbs of Orlando.

4. Oxford Downs Poker Room

Head up: Travelling to this can be a little difficult, being situated on 17996 S US Hwy 301 Summerfield, Florida. But the Oxford Downs is worth the visit, with its friendly but professional staff and the great Tiki bar, loaded with great views of the race track, horses and the sunset!

The place is very pleasant with live music, while the food here is also pretty great and they provide a lot of offers and fun games. The tables are well organised and it is all fun and games, quite literally!

5. Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club

Daytona Beach club is one of the casinos in Orlando with live greyhound races, with the betting being done over small screens. They provide you the option of racing, dining or poker – all to your liking, and the staff over there are very well behaved and professional at the same time.

6. Victory Casino Cruises

Now, cruise itself is exciting enough, right? How about a casino in cruise then? Victory Casino Cruises provide you with free wines and drinks if you are gambling! The bars and entertainment over there can keep you hooked for over 5 to 6 hours.

The food is only non-vegetarian cuisine. Although salads are available, they are offered with seafood options. There is live music as well, to keep you entertained throughout your gambling experience. The staff is really well mannered and the dealers are more than happy to help and make you understand the game before you try your hand at your luck!

7. Sanford Orlando Kennel Club

Sanford Orlando Kennel Club is one of the best clubhouses in Orlando with a very beautiful interior, with huge flatscreen televisions all over the walls simulcasting several dog and horse races going on around the country. They are doubtlessly the finest in terms of service and quality.

On top of that, every table in the club has a small individual screen, where you can change the constraint and understand the news related to gambling around the world. They also have special nights on Friday! 

8. Silver Lake Resort

While looking for casinos in Orlando, you might not quite think of a place to stay, but in case you do, do check out the Silver Lake Resort. It is a family resort with free parking and laundry facilities as well as swimming pools to gain your admiration as is.

But the casinos in Orlando here also attracts, hugely including poker, gambling and many other fun games to keep you hooked. It has a 24-hour business centre and the staff is extremely friendly. So, with this option, you will have both of your nightlife and daytime fun sorted, needless to mention, a great place to stay!

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