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Food of Ninh Binh

Being a popular tourist destination, Ninh Binh has plenty of eating options for one and all. The Trung Tuyet is a wonderful option for trying out some Vietnamese delicacies, along with varied options for vegetarians. You can try out some snail dishes at the Snail's Restaurant. Another popular outlet is Chookie's, which serves both traditional Vietnamese food and Western cuisines as well. Try some fresh produce at the Cho Bop market. You can also find some Japanese places and kebab shops here. The meals in any of these places can cost anywhere from VND 30,000 to VND 70,000.

Food for Indians in Ninh Binh

Typically, Indian food is very difficult to find in Ninh Binh. A number of restaurants in Ninh Binh offer vegetarian and vegan dishes, such as An Lac, Thien Duyen, Binh Tay, Bao Anh, Chookie's, Viet Bamboo among other such places.
A few useful phrases are
Vegetarian: An Chay
Vegetarian food: com chay
Vegetarian restaurant: Nha hang com chay
Vegetable: Rau
No eggs: Khong co trung

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