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Hoa Binh has a medley of cuisines which you should not miss. Pickled Pork (Pig meat sprinkled with herbs and roasted rice and cooked in a banana leaf), Xoi Ngu Sac (Five coloured - white, green, yellow, black orange , sticky rice shaped into a star), Meat roll with pomelo leaf (Thinly sliced meat is coated with fish sauce, wrapped in pomelo leaves and barbecued), Loong Soup (pig and Banana soup cooked with authentic Doi nuts and Loi leaf) and Lam Rice (sesame salted sticky rice placed inside bamboo sticks) are some exotic dishes of Hoa Binh. Manh Ngan Restaurant, Da Hop restaurant, Ngoc Cuong and Luong Thuc Restaurant are some great options for a relaxed sit-down meal. For street food, head to the banh bo place on Chu Chin Lan or the kebab stands opposite to it. You can grab a quick dessert at the Phu Thuy Bakery.

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Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Mu Waterfall - Situated at an Altitude of over 1000 m
Mai Chau - Rural District in Hoa Binh Province
Hoa Binh Dam - Largest hydroelectric Dam in Vietnam

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