Coorg to Mysore

   Coorg to Mysore Road Distance 107 km
   Coorg to Mysore Aerial Distance 99 km
  Coorg to Mysore Travel Time 2 hours 32 mins

How to reach Mysore from Coorg

Coorg to Mysore
The Preferred Way of Travelling from Coorg to Mysore

Since the road route from Coorg to Mysore is approximately 118 to 135 km, the most preferred way to travel is by road. The distance would vary depending on the mode of road transport and chosen route.

Knowing The Details

1. Coorg to Mysore Via Bus
2. Coorg to Mysore Via Cab/Self-Drive
3. Coorg to Mysore Via Train
4. Popular Routes to Mysore
5. Popular Routes from Coorg
6. Places to Visit in Mysore
7. Hotels in Mysore

1. Coorg to Mysore Via Bus

Coorg to Mysore Bus
Mysore and Coorg are well-connected by Indian roadways which makes it easily accessible by the buses that ply between the destinations. Taking a bus ride from Coorg is an affordable option too. Travellers can choose to purchase their tickets at the ticket counter or book them online. The frequency of buses is limited with no rides in the morning to travel the 130-kilometre stretch that leads to Mysore. Also, the boarding points are located all across Coorg. So, travellers can choose to head to the nearest location and board the bus according to their convenience.
Types of Buses Available
The buses that operate directly from Coorg to Mysore are private buses. The Karnataka State Road Transport buses are available from Madikeri which is located about 20 kilometres to the north-east of Coorg.
Local Buses
Travellers can take a local bus ride or a taxi to reach Madikeri from Coorg if they wish to receive a state transport bus.
Private Bus Services
The private buses are run by Ashwini Tours and Travels, Asian Xpress and Manu Travels. These bus operators frequently ply while others like Tyga Logistics and Sea Bird Tourist ply occasionally. The private buses offer comfort and convenience through their amenities like lights, charging points, water bottles, blankets, pillows, emergency services and emergency contact number. Travellers can choose between a Non A/C Seater, an A/C Seater and an A/C Sleeper bus.
Chosen Route
Most direct busses that depart from Coorg take the route that goes via SH 88A and NH 275. The buses that depart from Madikeri go via SH 27, SH 88 and NH 275.
Bus Timings
1. Manu Tourist Bus (A/C Seater)

Timing: Departure – 02:00 PM IST, Arrival – 05:00 PM IST
Duration: 3 hours
Fare: INR 400/- approximately

2. Ashwin Tours and Travels (Non A/C Seater)

Timing: Departure – 09:15 PM IST, Arrival – 01:30 AM IST
Duration: 4 hours 15 minutes
Fare: INR 390/- approximately

3. Asian Xpress (A/C Sleeper)

Timing: Departure – 01:00 PM IST, Arrival – 04:30 PM IST
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Fare: INR 500/- approximately

4. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (Non A/C Seater)

Bus One:
Timing: Departure – 05:00 AM IST, Arrival – 08:00 AM IST
Duration: 3 hours
Fare: INR 350/- approximately

Bus Two:
Timing: Departure – 08:00 AM IST, Arrival – 11:15 AM IST
Duration: 3 hours 15 minutes
Fare: INR 350/- approximately

Bus Three:
Timing: Departure – 10:30 AM IST, Arrival – 01:30 PM IST
Duration: 3 hours
Fare: INR 350/- approximately 

Duration of the Journey: 3 hours 30 minutes to 5 hours
The ticket for a bus ride in one of the Karnataka State Road Transport buses is around INR 350/- while for a private non A/C Seater bus, a ticket costs around INR 390/-. For an A/C Seater, the rate hovers between INR 400/- and INR 450/- and an A/C Sleeper ticket is usually priced at around INR 500/-.

Typical Stop Points
  • Siddapur
  • Piriyapatna
  • Titimati
  • Hunsur
Road Condition
The road condition of the route that leads to Mysore from Coorg or Madikeri is alright. The network of state and national highways they belong to are appropriately marked for road signs and directions. They are four-lane roadways, but some portions of the route are unpaved. Some sections may also be affected by weather, reconstruction, accidents etc. Usually, the traffic is moderate to light, but during certain peak hours, one must expect heavy and slow-moving traffic.
Booking bus tickets in advance is recommended to avoid the last-minute hassle.

2. Coorg to Mysore Via Cab/Self-Drive

Coorg to Mysore by Car
The second-best option to reach Mysore from Coorg is self-driven or rental taxis. Coorg has three major routes that lead to Mysore – the SH 27 route, the SH 91 route and the SH 88A route. The well-connected state highways provide for a convenient way to reach Mysore via the roadways that stretch for about 130 kilometres maximum between the two destinations.
Ideal Duration
It usually takes about 4 hours to reach Mysore with a small pit stop for refreshments. However, one can extend their trip if interested in exploring nearby attractions. There is some amount of freedom, convenience and comfort attached to this option.

Car Rentals
For those who do not want to drive themselves, there are several car rental services choices. They offer a pickup and drop to the desired location or a complete sightseeing package with a return journey. Travellers can check with the cab service providers/ tour and travel companies and book a ride according to their preference. There are hatchbacks, sedans, premium cars and sports utility vehicles to choose from for a comfortable road trip down to Mysore from Coorg.
Online Cab Services
Travellers often go for online platforms to book their cabs. Coorg Cabs, Mysore Cabs, Book Cab, GoZo, Mysore Taxi Services etc. are some of the websites where instant bookings can be made.
Route Option
Route 1: The SH 88A Route

Distance and Duration: 115 kilometres, 2 hours 30 minutes
SH 89 – SH 90 – SH 88A – NH 275 – SH 90/ SH 88 – Hinkal Ring Road Circle/ SH 88 – Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Road – Irwin Road – SR Road. Mysore is about 725 metres from SR Road.

Route 2:  The SH 27 Route

Distance and Duration: 130 kilometres, 3 hours approximately
Main Road/ SH 27 – SH 90 – SH 30/ SH 88B/ SH 90/ SH 91 – SH 90 – SH 88A – Gonikoppal Road – NH 275/ SH 88/ SH 90 – Hinkal Ring Road Circle/ SH 88 - Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Road – Irwin Road – SR Road. Mysore is about 725 metres ahead.

Route 3: The SH 91 Route

Distance and Duration: 120 Kilometres, 2 hours 40 minutes approximately
SH 88B/ SH 89 – SH 91 – NH 275 – SH 88 – Hinkal Ring Road Circle - Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Road – Irwin Road (2nd exit) – SR Road (4th exit). Mysore is about 725 metres head from SR Road.
Road Condition
As soon as the drive begins from Coorg, travellers are bound to experience the hassles of an unpaved road for about 7 to 14 kilometres (depending on the route chosen) till they reach the state highway. Once on the state highway, the drive is usually decent unless the roads are affected by extreme weather, accidents, reconstruction or heavy traffic. There are no toll booths on any of the routes mentioned above. The journey usually lasts for a maximum of 4 hours and most of the stretch is well-marked with signboards.

Duration of the Journey: 2 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours
Approximate Cost
Cab Services
Most cab service providers either charge on a kilometre-basis (plus driver’s charges) or they charge as per a package tour. So, a basic hatchback would cost somewhere around INR 8/- per kilometre while a sedan would cost about INR 9/- per kilometre. This way, to travel a distance of 130 kilometres from Coorg to Mysore, one would have to pay around INR 1100/- to 1300/-.

Sports Car Rentals
Bigger vehicles like a rental sports utility vehicle are priced around INR 10/- to INR 11/- per kilometre. Premium cars cost around INR 13/- per kilometre, and a tempo traveller would cost approximately INR 15/-. Thus, a one-way journey by a sports utility vehicle would cost around INR 1500/-, by a premium vehicle would be around INR 1800/- and by a tempo traveller would cost approximately INR 2000/-. All the approximations for per kilometres-basis provided above exclude the driver’s charge, which is usually around INR 300/-.  

Package Tour Costs
Package tours cost around INR 3000/- for a hatchback, INR 3300/- for a sedan and INR 4200/- for a minivan.
Eating Options On The Way
There are some restaurants where travellers can stop for a delicious local snack or cuisine. While most of these are highway restaurants enroute to Mysore, some located a little off-road. Kaveri Nisargadhama, Rangoli Multicuisine Restaurant, Top In Town, Tonif Taste, The Spice Rack, Silver Sky Restaurant, Secret Spices RestOcafe, Atithi etc. are some of the famous restaurants along the stretch. There are also coffee shops like Café Coffee Day, Café County and Café Coorg Family Restaurant where travellers can stop for a refreshing coffee cup.

Possible Stopovers
  • Piriyapatna
  • Titimati
  • Siddapur
  • Hunsur  

3. Coorg to Mysore Via Train

Coorg to Mysore Train
Although Mysore has a railway junction, Coorg does not. The closest railway station to Coorg is either the Mysore Railway Station (located about 130 kilometres away) or the Hassan Railway Station in Bangalore (located nearly 180 kilometres away). So, this mode of transport cannot be used to reach Mysore from Coorg.

Popular Routes to Mysore

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Bangalore to Mysore 2 h 40 min 146 km
Hyderabad to Mysore 10 hours 52 mins 719 km
Chennai to Mysore 8 hours 4 mins 483 km
Coorg to Mysore 2 hours 32 mins 107 km
Delhi to Mysore 1 day 10 hours 2,317 km
Pune to Mysore 13 hours 51 mins 897 km

Popular Routes from Coorg

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Coorg to Ooty 5 hours 20 mins 224 km
Coorg to Bangalore 5 hours 9 mins 238 km
Coorg to Mysore 2 hours 32 mins 107 km
Coorg to Goa 10 hours 19 mins 501 km
Coorg to Chennai 10 hours 22 mins 577 km
Coorg to Hampi 8 hours 57 mins 439 km