Places To Visit Near Mysore For An Extended Vacation


Places To Visit Near Mysore

There are plenty of places to visit near Mysore and is one of the most popular getaways among Indians and international tourists alike. Places to visit near Mysore are a perfect amalgamation of hill stations, trekking spots, and wildlife sanctuaries. These tourist places near Mysore provide a perfect weekend getaway for laid back vacationers or adrenaline fuelled adventurers alike.

Here is the list of 17 Places To Visit Near Mysore For An Extended Vacation

1. Kabini, Karnataka - Home to the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary

3.5 /5 View 15+ photos

23 kms from Mysore

Known For : Jungle Safari, Kabini Elephant Safari Boating in Kabini

Once a private hunting area for the British, this famous wildlife destination has a rich variety of flora and fauna making it a gorgeous tourist spot. One of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary was once a private hunting area for the British. Today, it is a popular place to visit near Mysore. It is a must see for all nature lovers and those looking for a perfect vacation amidst the lush greenery and imposing waterfalls.

Distance From Mysore: 59.3 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

2. Srirangapatna, Karnataka - Historical Place to Visit near Mysore

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18 kms from Mysore

Known For : Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Gumbaz Balmuri Falls

Srirangapatna is an egg-shaped island town amidst the Cauvery river in Mandya district of Karnataka. Situated at a distance of 18 kms from Mysore, the town is an architectural masterpiece of Hoysala and Vijayanagar styles. One of the most important Vaishnavite centres of pilgrimage- the Ranganathaswamy temple, is the major attraction of the town which draws thousands of tourists. It was once the capital of Mysore under Tipu Sultan. The entire city has an aura of serenity and spirituality so much so, the monuments on the island town have been nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Distance From Mysore: 22.0 km

Best Time: July to March

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3. Coorg, Karnataka - The Scotland of India

4.2 /5 View 31+ photos

117 kms from Mysore

Known For : Abbey Falls Talacauvery Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery)

Located amidst imposing mountains in Karnataka with a perpetually misty landscape, Coorg is the place to be for all nature lovers.  This popular coffee producing place to visit near Mysore is not only popular for its beautiful green hills and the streams cutting right through them. It also stands as a popular destination because of its culture and people. The Kodavas, a local clan specialising in martial arts, are especially notable for their keen hospitality.

Distance From Mysore: 117.9 km

Best Time: October to March

4. Ooty, Tamil Nadu - Queen of the Nilgiris

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125 kms from Mysore

Known For : Nilgiri Mountain Railway Ooty Lake Emerald Lake, Ooty

The Blue Mountains have always been shrouded in mysticism, and Ooty is no exception to that. For every mountain lover, the very idea of travelling to the city known as the Queen of the Hills holds an allure like no other. Once regarded as the summer headquarters of the East India Company (and for a very good reason), Ooty, also known as Udagamandalam, is a hill station in Tamil Nadu which serves as a very popular tourist destination for anyone looking for a picturesque place to relax and unwind. Ooty is nestled amidst the Nilgiri hills at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level and enjoys a favourable climate all year round.

Distance From Mysore: 126.7 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

5. Nagarhole, Karnataka - A Place to Visit Near Mysore for Wildlife Lovers

3.9 /5 View 37+ photos

88 kms from Mysore

Known For : Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary Nagarhole National Park Kutta

Nagarhole is a southern storehouse of rich flora and fauna and is host to Nagarhole national park, celebrated as one of the best wildlife parks as well as the Bandipur bird sanctuary. When you are not busy spotting Asiatic elephants, Indian Bison or beautiful birds around the place, you can witness your breath being taken away by the waterfalls in the area. Nagarhole means 'snake river' and derives its name from the unforgiving wild nature of the river that flows through the forests.

Distance From Mysore: 89.8 km

Best Time: October to May

6. Bandipur National Park, Karnataka - Tiger Reserves in the Nilgiris

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77 kms from Mysore

Known For : Gopalaswamy Betta

Situated in the state of Karnataka, Bandipur National Park was once the hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Mysore. It was later established as a reserve in 1974, and these deciduous forests rich in wildlife and flora have become a popular tourist attraction since then. Due to a lot of wildlife casualties due to tourist traffic, a ban on traffic between 9 PM to 6 AM has been established to ensure the safety of the animal population. It is one of the most popular places to visit near Bandipur.

Distance From Mysore: 72.7 km

Best Time: October to May

7. Bheemeshwari, Mandya - A Getaway for Fishing

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86 kms from Mysore

Known For : Cauvery Fishing Camp Doddamakkali Nature Camp Boat Rides in Bheemeshwari

Away from the cruel concrete circus of the city, Bheemeshwari is the perfect place to visit near Mysore. It has long been known as a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, with some fishing camps set amidst the area. Due to its proximity with the Cauvery River and its extensive forest cover with a variety of flora and fauna, it is a place to visit near Mysore for boating rides, adventure camps, trekking, handicraft markets and bird watching. It is the natural habitat of the toughest freshwater sports fish called the Mahseer (roughly translated to Mahi - fish and sher - tiger) and attracts many visitors for this reason.

Distance From Mysore: 86.0 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

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8. BR Hills, Karnataka - Of Picturesque and Exotic Flora and Fauna

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82 kms from Mysore

Known For : BRT Wildlife Sanctuary Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Activities

The Biligiriranga hills, or the BR Hill as they are better known, are a bit of heaven between the Western and the Eastern Ghats, with a wonderful floral diversity and a vast variety of fauna as well. The terrain here will also let you indulge in activities such as trekking, river rafting and fishing. One can also take home local artifacts and handicrafts popular here.

Distance From Mysore: 82.1 km

Best Time: April to October

9. Shivanasamundram, Karnataka

3.8 /5 View 19+ photos

70 kms from Mysore

Known For : Activities near Shivanasamundram Waterfall Barachukki and Gaganachukki Falls Shopping in Shivanasamundram

Situated on the banks of river Kaveri, Shivanasamudra is essentially a hydropower project location but is more commonly known for its waterfalls. It is a place to visit near Mysore to enjoy the calm of the cascading waters and the view from the vantage point. This calmness is infused with subtle hints of spirituality, given the Ranganatha temple here, which attracts pilgrims. The Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary will only fill your visit with more excitement with fishing and trekking.

Distance From Mysore: 77.6 km

Best Time: August to February

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10. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

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100 kms from Mysore

Also known as Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, this area is home to a large variety of wild animals such as Indian Bison, tigers, elephants, and deer, Panthers, jungle cats, civet cats, monkey, wild dogs and bears. This sanctuary is a part of Nilgiri Bioreserve along with Nagarhole and Bandipur area of Karnataka. You can also enjoy elephant rides here.

Distance From Mysore: 100.4 km

Best Time: October to May

11. Bangalore, Karnataka - Garden City of India

4.0 /5 View 69+ photos

145 kms from Mysore

Known For : Bangalore Palace Cubbon Park MG Road, Bangalore

The largest city in Karnataka and the capital of the state, Bangalore. It is known as the garden city of India where one can choose to take a long stroll in Cubbon Park, shop in many modern malls or street side markets or hop into one of the several acclaimed craft breweries in the city. Visiting this place near Mysore has a royal history, a rich and regal heritage and is an important centre of art and culture. Undeniably one of the most enchanting places to visit near Mysore, Mysore is a melting pot of various religions and culture.

Distance From Mysore: 145.5 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

12. Talakad, Karnataka

3.2 /5 View 21+ photos

48 kms from Mysore

Known For : Somanathapura Panchalina Darshana Mallikarjuna Temple

Talakad is a small mystical town steeped in the glorious past and heritage nestled on the left banks of River Kaveri. The town has been a witness to the rise and falls of several great kingdoms including Cholas, Pallavas, Gangas, Vijayanagar and Hoysalas. Folklores and legends are hidden in every nook and corner of the town, trying to unearth from beneath the layers of sands that covers the town. Peeking at every turn are some exquisitely carved temples that represent the finest epitome of the unending saga of craftsmanship and footprints of the rich bygone era.

Distance From Mysore: 48.7 km

Best Time: November to March

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13. Sravanabelagola, Karnataka

3.4 /5 View 9+ photos

84 kms from Mysore

Known For : Gomateshwara Statue Bhandaribasadi Temple Vindhyagiri Temple

Located near Bengaluru, Sravanbelagola is an important Jain pilgrimage center with a 17 m tall sculpture of Lord Gomateswara called Bahubali statue as its prime attraction.

Distance From Mysore: 85.3 km via NH150A and SH47

Best Time: October to Apr

14. Tholpetty, Kerala

3.3 /5 View 13+ photos

101 kms from Mysore

Known For : Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Papanashini

Replete with natural forest and wildlife reserves, Tholpetty is part of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and covers the Nilgiri forest Reserve.

Distance From Mysore: 101.6 km via NH275 and Nagarhole Road

Best Time: October to March

15. Wayanad, Kerala - Nature's Abode

4.3 /5 View 71+ photos

121 kms from Mysore

Known For : Banasura Dam Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Chembra Peak

Replete with enchanting waterfalls, historical caves, comfortable resorts and home stays, this popular town is famous for its spice plantations and wildlife.

Distance From Mysore: 131.1 km via NH766

Best Time: Throughout the year

16. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - Manchester of the South India

3.4 /5 View 23+ photos

196 kms from Mysore

Known For : Kovai Kondattam Vydehi Falls Marudhamalai Hill Temple

Often termed as Manchester of South India, the city is photographically situated on the banks of River Noyyal and has an array of natural attractions.

Distance From Mysore: 197.0 km via NH150A and NH948

Best Time: September to March

17. Somanathapura Temple

3.5 /5

33 kms from Mysore

On the banks of Holy river Kaveri is a tiny tranquil town of Somanathapura. Here stands the finest and most exemplary monument of Hoysala architecture known as the famous Prasanna Chennakesava Temple or simply the Kesava Temple. Consecrated in the year 1258 CE, it is a Vaishnav Hindu Temple dedicated to might and beauty of Lord Krishna (Chenna= Beautiful and Kesava= Krishna). Tourists from near and far come to visit the temple to get a view of the beautiful place. The Chennakesava temple is one of the 1500 Temples built by the Hoysala Empire kings in different parts of their kingdom, and is said to be the climax development in Hoysala temple style and yet is unique in many other ways.

Mysore is a tourist-friendly town and travellers extend their vacation by looking for places to visit near Mysore. A lot of tourists first visit Mysore and then combine places to visit near Mysore for a perfect trip.The destinations are attractive and popular. It offers its travellers a mix of tourist attractions ranging from Hill Stations to Lakes to Wildlife sanctuary. Places to visit near Mysore offer a quiet retreat from the busy city lives. Some of them can even try the various picnic spots near Mysore which are rife with people every other weekend. Also get a taste of the local cuisines and festivals while visiting the best tourist places near Mysore. Places near Mysore has something for each kind of traveller that is why they attract domestic as well as international tourists all-round the year. There are many tourist places near Mysore which provide a perfect outing for those who are trying to escape from their daily routine. These places take 1-2 day(s) and make for a perfect weekend getaway near Mysore. Escape to these places around Mysore and explore them if you haven't.

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