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Dodo Divers, Mauritius Overview

Situated in the northern part of Mauritius, a beautiful place known as Calodyne in Grand Gaube, Dodo Divers is an award-winning diving centre which provides you with facilities like guided dives and various courses, both for Recreational and Technical Divers. From the moment you visit the centre, you are under a safe and professionally supervised environment which allows you to get rid of all your anxiety and stress, especially if you are a first-timer, and lets you learn this unique art in a relaxed manner while enjoying your dive.

Dodo Divers Mauritius

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Contact Details

Phone: +230 58151533 (French) /+230 57105564 (English)
Email: [email protected]


Single Dive (Afternoon only) - INR 3622

Dive Packages
  • Coin de Mare/ Grand Baie
2 dives - INR 6037
4 dives - INR 11672
6 dives - INR 16904
8 dives - INR 21734
10 dives - INR 26162
  • Snake Island and Round Island - Full Day Trip
2 dives - INR 12678
  • Night Dives
2 dives (including 1 sunset dive) - INR 9056
  • Family Pack (4 persons)
4 dives each - INR 44274
6 dives each - INR 64399
8 dives each - INR 82109
10 dives each - INR 99014
  • Private Rental Boat (9 persons)
Half-day (2 dives) - INR 50312
Full day (3 dives and lunch included) - INR 90561
  • Recreational Courses
From INR 7043 to INR 70436
  • Technical Diving
Base rate - INR 6037

The Dive Centre

Dodo Divers enjoys a beneficial location from where access to numerous dive sites is relatively easy. Towards the northeast, some of the famous sites are Merville's Patches, Grand Baie Aquarium, Anemone Garden and the amazing Silver Star Wreck. The main build stands on the beach inside which you can find wash tanks, changing facilities and a large table along with other features like a teaching room, a soundproof compressor room, equipment storage rooms and washing vats and a shower and bathroom.

Dodo Divers Mauritius

The Dive Boat
The dive boat is a 39 feet newly built Legend with two powerful 300 horsepower engines and features a sun shelter, echo-sounder and GPS along with toilet and freshwater amenities. Before setting off to the waters, it is perfectly arranged with ample amount of room for keeping the equipment and putting the kit on. It can hold up to 14 people, and it is still comfortable for everyone, and you can enjoy a laidback ride.

The equipment that is available in Dodo Divers is the Bauer air compressor, Nitrox mixer, aluminium and steel tanks (single or double). You can also rent recreational, technical and side-mount equipment.

The Dive Sites

There are some diving sites for you to choose from; however, we have listed some of the best ones that you should check out and here are they:

1. Merville's Patches - Grand Baie and Pereybere Reefs

In this dive, you will find a series of coral reefs and numerous fishes. This site is unique for housing a large mass of Moray eels, which can be seen almost under every rock. Other rare aquatic species that you can find here are the magenta coloured Leaf Fish, the black Anemone Fish and the Anemone Crab.

2. Shark Safari - Round Island and Snake Island

Unlike as the names suggest, the Round Island isn't round, and you wouldn't find any snakes in the Snake Island; although you find some snakes in Round Island. Both the islands can be reached from the northeast coast after an hour of the boat ride. However, what is interesting about the waters surrounding these islands is the abundance of sharks, namely the White Tip sharks and the Grey Reef sharks are seen to be cruising in the waters dominated by the giant corals. If you have a knack for scuba diving, then you must not miss this at any cost!

3. Silver Star Wreck - Grand Baie and Pereybere Reefs

Known to be the only shipwreck to have retained its integrity up to a great extent, the Silver Star can be found at a depth of 42 meters under Mauritian waters. This dive is special on its own because of its historical significance and en route the dive; you can see the giant propeller of the ship, abundance of aquatic species on the deck and the hard coral formed on the mast and the lines of colourful fishes rushing inside-out of the windows is just mesmerising to see.

4. Grand Baie Aquarium - Grand Baie and Pereybere Reefs

It is a comparatively a shallow dive with a depth of 13 metres. The sunlight creates a beautiful translucent setting, helping you to discover the species like Trumpetfish and baby Crocodile fish and the most vibrant looking purplish-red Anemone is the major attraction of this dive which are barrel-like huge creatures with a silky smooth, velvety body.

Dodo Divers Mauritius

Other Significant Diving Sites are at:

Coin de Mire Island
  • 3 Caves
  • The Wall
  • Djabeda Wreck
  • Confetti Bay
  • Lost Anchor
  • Carpenter
Round and Snake Islands
  • Diamond Wall
  • Shark Cathedral
  • Batfish Wall
  • Shark Arena
Cap Malheureux
  • Paradise Rock
  • Mulash Cave
  • Canyon
Grand Baie & Pereybere Reefs
  • Anemone Garden
  • Pointe Vacoas
  • Ti Corail
  • Pereybere Aquarium
  • Border Reef
  • Turtle Point
  • Island Reef
  • Whale Rock
  • Twin Peaks
Another significant highlight about the Dodo Divers is that it is the first dive centre in the Indian Ocean to offer Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) courses which are renowned for training highly skilled technical divers along with emphasising on exploration and conservation work.

Dodo Divers Mauritius

Dodo Divers is your one-stop destination if you have scuba diving in your bucket list for a long time now. So what are you waiting for? Book your dates today and explore the ocean with Dodo Divers!

How To Reach Dodo Divers

To reach Dodo Divers, you need to take the B13 motorway from Grand Baie which is a 15-minute drive all the way up to Calodyne in Grand Gaube. After that, head to the Mirabelle Avenue and you will find Dodo Divers.

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