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Timings : Monday to Thursday : 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM, Friday and Sunday : 2:00 PM - 10:30 PM, Saturday : 2:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Time Required : 2 - 3 hrs

Entry Fee : Adult - PHP 80, Senior Citizen - PHP 64, Adult : Ride-All-You-Can (Entrance Included) - PHP 490, Senior Citizen : Ride-All-You-Can (Entrance Included) - PHP 357

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Star City, Manila Overview

Located in the city of Pasay in Metro Manila, Star City is one of the biggest, most popular and all weather, air-conditioned amusement park in all of Philippines.Sprawling over a whopping 380,000 sq. ft., the park is thronged by 1.5 million people annually owing its gorgeous theme decor and over 30 thrilling rides and attractions. Established in 1991, the park caters to both the young and the old with its invigorating plethora of indoor and outdoor fun games and activities. In addition to that, there are coin operated machine games, Snow Land, Lazer Blaster and Walk on Water etc. The park is a wonderful escapade from the monotonous routine of life and it is visited by tourists and locals alike.

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Top Attractions at Star City

  1. Pirate Adventure: Pirate Adventure is a swashbuckling kind of attraction cum adventure. The highlight of the section is the massive pirate ship parked outside. During the boat ride, you will come across mechanical pirates which are all adorned with real costumes and pirate patches. You can also spot Captain Jack Sparrow en route.
    Pirate Adventure
  2. Snow World: Snow World is another top attraction at the park. Philippines almost never experiences snowfall as it is an island country. Therefore, to experience snow, they have come up with Snow World that has natural snow, artificial snowfall, snow slides, snowflakes and several other snow-y attractions.
    Snow World
  3. Gabi ng Lagim: Gabi ng Lagim, which translates to Night of Terror is basically a walk through a narrow terrifying lane. More than getting your adrenaline all rush up, the experience is more on the sensory side rather than visual. You can hear people screaming even from outside.
    Gabi ng Lagim
  4. Dungeon of Terror: Dungeon of Terror is another similarly horrifying and terrifying attraction that involves a similar walk. Here you can also see skulls and bones hanging at the entrance itself. And inside, you will be let loose in a maze of dungeons with nothing but blood curdling shrieks to accompany you.
    Dungeon of Terror
  5. Time Tunnel: Time Tunnel lets you take a walk from the dinosaur era to the time when man first stepped on the moon. It is an informative and a very interesting walk.

Tickets and Fares at Star City

Kids below 32 inches of height - No Entry Fee

1. Admission Fee - PHP 60

Includes Entrance only. Excluded from playing Mid way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, Pirate Adventure, 4D Theatre, Walk on Water, other rides and attractions.

2. 3 Cheers Ticket - PHP 350

Entrance Fee + Any three rides of choice (Ride restrictions apply). Excluded from playing Mid way games, coin operated machines, Snow World, and Walk on Water.

3. Ride - All - You - Can - PHP 400

4. Lazer Blaster - PHP 100

Entrance Fee excluded. Can be used for one game only (Ride restrictions apply).

5. Snow World - PHP 130

Entrance Fee excluded. Unlimited access to Snow World props, Provision of jackets etc. 

6. 4D Theatre - PHP 120

Entrance Fee excluded. Can be used for one film only (Ride restrictions apply).

7. Z Planet - PHP 100

Entrance Fee excluded. Can be used for one vortex, 3D photo area, animal robotics, any one zipline ride (Ride restrictions apply).


  1. Outside food and beverages are not allowed inside the premises. Except baby food, which can be brought in.
  2. There is a deposit area at the entrance where you can leave your belongings and valuables.
  3. Tickets and Ride - All - You - Can Pop Tags are non-refundable.

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