Amazing Spots to Watch a Sunset in Manila

Metropolitan Manila in the Philippines seems like a city that never stops. With its crowded roads, dense population, and bustling life, there are some times where you can take a break and appreciate the beauty of nature. The spectacular view of sunset in Manila is one of the best experiences you can have when you are on a tour of the Philippines.

Sunset Timings in Manila
Sunset in Metropolitan Manila generally falls anytime between 5.41 PM and  5.54 PM every day. 
In order to witness this breathtaking view, you can visit any of the 14 places that we have listed down for you -

1. Hole in the Wall Restaurant

The Central Mall has a restaurant named Hole in the wall which is a great place to dine at. It is one of Makati’s well-known landmarks and garners a lot of attention for its great food too. Apart from their food, the outdoor area of the restaurant is an excellent place for viewing the dazzling sunset in the evening times.  

2. Harbour View Restaurant

What stands out for this Harbour view Restaurant is that the restaurant is on a pier, just above the sea, so the location itself is one of a kind! The guests seem to love the hospitality, and the delicious food served at this place. Located in close proximity to Luneta park, this property provides amazing views of Manila Bay and also the Manila skyline at night. Apart from this the property also offers scenic views at the time of sunset.

3. Mall of Asia (MOA)

The Asian shopping mall is a vast area linked to an SM Mega supermarket where you can find everything you aim for. High-end brands, local products, everything available at an affordable rate. This is the biggest mall in the country of the Philippines and it is said that one day will not be enough to complete a full round of the SM Group’s shopping mall. It has various local food outlets to gorge on. Apart from all the shopping and the food, the place is renowned for the views of sunset you get here. Guests advise visiting this place in the evening, at the time of sunset with a hot cup of coffee.

4. Conrad Hotel

The Conrad is known as the best hotel to stay in Manila and gets high ratings in location, cleanliness, service, and value for money. This hotel is located in close proximity to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL), at a 6 km distance away which makes it a very convenient place for guests to stay at. With wonderful amenities like swimming pools, gym, and wellness facilities, the hotel also offers beautiful panoramic views of the bay especially at the time of sunset.

5. Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

This 5-star hotel provides various facilities like a swimming pool, spa, mini-golf course, an on site restaurant, fitness and wellness center, and a play area, especially for kids. Also one of the best-rated hotels in the locality, the scenic views at Sofitel Philippine Plaza are so extravagant that they made an entire area for you to enjoy the views! The outdoor area is known as the Sunset Bar, which is a quintessential dining space that features barbecue order of dining on Saturdays and Sundays. The restaurant operates from 4 pm to 10 pm from Friday to Sunday and here you can enjoy magnificent sunsets at Manila Bay whilst lying at the poolside.

6. Rizal Park

Rizal Park is located in close proximity to a seaside. Owing to the weather of the Philippines all year round, a stroll in the park at any time of the day helps you get into a calm, composed state of mind. This is also considered as a National Park of the country of the Philippines. It has various gardens to roam in, a few water fountains all of which can be considered as places to go on a picnic. The location of this park along the seaside makes this place an excellent place to witness sunset or even a sunrise.

7. Pan Pacific Manila

The Pan Pacific Manila is yet another spot in Metro Manila to witness an amazing view of the sunset all year round. The place is situated in close proximity to the Atlantic ocean so you can imagine the quality of the leisure and beauty of this destination. For this purpose specifically, the Pan Pacific Manila has set aside a space called a Sunset Bar, where you can experience the tranquillity of the place. The neighbourhood is hot and crowded, but the location of this bar on the 7th floor makes it a cool, breezy place to spend time in while witnessing serene sunsets.

8. Verona Rooftop Lounge in Privato Hotel

The Verona Rooftop Lounge located in the Privato Hotel is definitely a great place to catch the best sunset or sunrise in Metro Manila. The spectacular view of the city that you get in this rooftop lounge is breathtaking. The setting of the furniture and other amenities only add to the beauty of the place. Coming here in the afternoon and staying till the astonishing sunset timings would be an entire experience in itself!

9. Quezon City Circle

Quezon Memorial Circle is a National park located in Quezon City and is a main part of the locality which served as the official capital of the country of the Philippines in their past history. The reason it is called a memorial circle is because of the presence of a tall mausoleum-like structure which contains the remains of the second official President of the Philippines, Manuel.L.Quezon and his wife, First Lady Aurora Quezon. The park has been visited by more than a million people and the sunrise, sunset in this place are said to be remarkable.

10. Manila Bay

Manila Bay is located at a walkable distance from the SM Group’s Mall of Asia (MOA) and is visible from a lot of spots in the city. The Bay is set in a calm neighbourhood and is perfect for a composed and lonely stroll for introspection and getting away from the chaos. The visitors claim the sunset of this place to be striking and you are advised to carry a camera with you to savour its picturesque scene.

11. Skydeck Lounge

This place stays true to its name and provides a one of a kind place for dining, with the perfect ambience, perfect food, and is also equipped with soulful music that adds just perfectly to the beauty of the place. Shepherd’s pie is one of the most recommended dishes to try in this place. The breathtaking view of Manila coupled with a glass of wine and music would be an experience in itself. Being at such a height the views of the entire busy city especially during sunrise and sunset are something you should definitely not miss!

12. The Bayleaf Hotel

The majority of the hotels in Manila make sure to have a dedicated place where the guests can solely enjoy the wondrous scenes of sunrise and sunset in the busy city of Metro Manila. Like many others, The Bayleaf Hotel in Manila also doesn’t fail to give its visitors a glance at this scenic beauty. For this purpose, in particular, the hotel has a rooftop bar and a penthouse roof deck both offer a 360-degree view of the whole city of Manila.

13. Diamond Hotel Philippines

Diamond Hotel Philippines is one of the best-rated hotels in the locality based on security, hospitality, and great location. The hotel provides a wide range of cuisines like Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and western cuisine that people can gorge on. The hotel falls along Roxas Boulevard, a waterfront promenade that adds to the scenic beauty of this hotel. At its place and height, the hotel offers scenic views of the city of Metro Manila during sunrise and sunset.  

14. Harbour Square

Harbour Square is a wide complex featuring various bars, cafes, and food outlets that you can choose from at your own will. This is said to be the best place to hang out if you are in the neighbourhood and want to get fresh air. The only thing you should keep in mind while coming here is that though the parking space is a lot still it could take you a while before you find a decent parking spot. But whatever frustrations you build while waiting, the calm and tranquillity of this place make us for it! The ambience is perfect with some jazz music in the background and the sunset view with the sea and yacht in the neighbourhood just make the place even more dreamy.

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