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A visit to Malaga is incomplete without visiting El Tintero, where there is no fixed menu, but the waiters sing out to the customers about what they are carrying. El Tintero is one of the most famous chiringuitos which offers an amazing range of seafood, fish, sangria and paella. One of the most popular dishes to try in Malaga is espetos, which are sardines skewered on bamboo sticks and grilled and pescaito frito, which refers to deep fried fishes. Make sure to try the Cazon en adobo which is one of the special fish dishes found in Andalucia. Coquinas are small clams cooked in white wine which is also one of those not-to-miss dishes in Malaga. The best restaurants in Malaga are Bodeguita El Gallo, Cafeteria Cordoba 7, Restaurante Gallego Candamil, A Casa Gallega, Las Garrafas and Isabella Taller de Cocina. Alameda and Pedregalejo are the two hot spots to discover the best dishes of Malaga.

Food for Indians in Malaga

Malaga has a lot of Indian restaurants like Amigos Grill Malaga Centro, Korma and Tagliatelle Restaurant, Indian Beach Restaurant Marbella, Buddha House, Taj Palace and Red Chilli's. Most of the restaurants serve proper authentic Indian food, including vegetarian and Jain food. There are no such purely vegetarian restaurants here, but one can get enough of vegetarian dishes in these few restaurants.

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