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"Granada: Romantic yet Happening city"

Granada Tourism

Granada has a rich history and culture associated with it and is the most worthwhile city for visitors in Spain. This city offers a break from the extreme summer heat of other Andalusian cities. Rich in multicultural history, monuments and Alhambra, the city also has a student driven nightlife, and adventure activities like skiing and trekking. Located in the South eastern region of Spain, Granada is the capital of the province of Granada, a part of Andalusia.

The soul of the Andalusian region, Granada is a popular spot among tourists. Situated on the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the town offers extremely breath-taking beauty. Once the capital city of the Moorish kingdom from the 13th to 15th centuries, Granada now boasts of a rich multicultural history. From the splendid Moorish architecture to the Catholic monuments, Granada has everything in store for the tourists. It is internationally famous for the Alhambra palace which is the last stronghold of the Moorish kingdom. Granada is like the cousin of Seville as it is glimmering with cosmopolitan cultures. Located between the rivers Genil and Darro, Granada has some amazing Renaissance architectural gems. One of the oldest neighbourhoods of Granada, Albaicn, has been termed as a World Heritage Site. With the perfect amalgamation of old architecture and the modern innovative buildings, Granada is the place to be. Known for its brilliant accessibility, climate, beautiful beaches and the snow capped mountains, Granada is perfect for adventure as well as cultural travel.

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Currency in Granada

Being a part of the European Union, Euro was accepted as the only official currency in Spain since January 2002. There are notes with denominations of five, ten, twenty, hundred, two hundred and five hundred. There are also coins which are termed as cents. It is also possible to pay in Granada using Debit or Credit card. ATMs are also available throughout the day in various places and shopping centers.

Shopping in Granada

The city's main shopping district is around Puerta Real and El Corte Ingles, the popular department store in Spain has a lot to offer. One can find a massive collection of fancy clothing and souvenir shops on Calle Mesones and nearby pedestrian streets. The nearest mall to shop in Granada is the Centro Commercial Neptuno where you can get all the international brands.

Nightlife in Granada

This is the place to be for all alcohol lovers. One can try the local wine "un costa" which tastes much like sherry or the other options include "tinto de verano"which is basically red wine and lemonade. Sangria is also common for people who would love some refreshing drink. One should not miss out on the local beer, Cerveza Alhambra, from one of the local breweries in the town. Granada has a buoyant nightlife, and most night clubs are spread throughout the city. The most popular ones are El Son, Miniclub, Pata Palo, Booga Club and Afrodisia.

History of Granada

The city of Granada was under Muslim domination around 711 AD and it lasted upto the next 800 years. The Berbers were a headed by the Umayyad dynasty and they are the main reason responsible for the establishment of the Muslim dynasty in the city. This dynasty was succeeded by Ziri, followed by the Nasrid dynasty. During the 13th century, under Reconquista, the city became a place for the refuge of all Muslims. A number of Alhambra palaces date back from this reign. Muhammad Boabdill, sultan of Granada, surrendered the city to Isabel I of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon and it let to the beginning of the Spanish limpieza de sangre era. There was a decline in the state of the city later, which was followed by the 19th century Romanticism. During the 20th century. Granada had to survive under Franco's rule, but now it still remains as a famous testimony to the cultural legacy of Islam.

Language of Granada

The common language spoken by the Granadinos is the Andaluz, which the Andalusian variety of Spanish. It is a bit difficult for people from other parts of Spain to understand as well as this has a tricky dialect. It is a mixture of Arabic in Spanish as there was an Arab kingdom of Al Andalus here, in the past. Very few people in the city speak English, but the people here are very welcoming and they will try their best to make adjustments with the visitors.

Granada Customs

In terms of dressing, Granada is a bit conservative, so it is advised to be well dressed when one goes out for sightseeing. Salutations are extremely important when two people meet. A kiss on the hand or cheek is a common way of saying hello. In terms of tips, one can offer 10 percent of their total bill as a tip.

Religion of Granada

The main religion in Granada is Roman Catholic. There is a bit of Muslim and Jew population as well.

Daily Budget for Granada

The daily budget in Granada range from 60-70 EUR. One can get affordable meals within the range of 6-13 EUR, and with wine, that would amount to 18 EUR. Transporation costs per day might go upto 10-20 EUR, if you can manage to get the travel bus cards. Other expenditure includes the entry fee to various parks, museums, etc.

Exchanging Money in Granada

The rate of exchange of currency keeps varying from time to time. Travelers are advised to carry traveler cheques, debit cards and credit cards along with 2 days worth of Euros. There are Spanish auto banks from where anyone with a visa based card can withdraw cash in Euros. There is also the facility to withdraw money via switch cards. The credit and debit cards are acceptable in most hotels and shopping centers.

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FAQs on Granada

What is the local food in Granada?

When it comes to food and wine, Granada is one of the best places in Spain. The must try dishes include Piononos, which are small pastries from Santafe. Jamon de Trevelez is another popular dish made of Spanish ham processed only in the province of Granada. If you are looking for healthy options, Olla de San Anton is a traditional stew made with beans, rice and sausage. A dish made with calf, offal and truffles, Tortilla del Sacromonte, is yet another popular dish that you must try in Granada. There is a wide range of restaurants, the most popular ones being Arrayanes, Bar Oum Kalsoum, La Oliva, Kabab King, La Blanca Paloma and El Pescador.
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What are the places near Granada?

The top places near to Granada are Madrid which is 360 km from Granada, Malaga which is located 89 km from Granada, Barcelona which is located 682 km from Granada, Ibiza which is located 489 km from Granada, Majorca which is located 640 km from Granada

What are the things to do in Granada?

The top things to do in Granada are Plaza Isabel la Catolica, Cathedral of Granada, Royal Chapel, Madraza Palace, La Alcaiceria, Alhambra. You can see all the places to visit in Granada here

What are the top hotels in Granada?

There are 1954 in Granada which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Granada are Casa de Las Flores, Casa Aurora, Casa Vistas del Valle, Via del Tranvia Holiday Home, Apartamento Rosa, Veoapartment Estrella Terrace. You can see all the hotels in Granada here

What is the best way to reach Granada?

What is the best time to visit Granada?

The best time to visit Granada is during the Spring and Autumn as during that time, the temperature is just perfect for travelling. It turns out to be extremely hot in the months of July and August, sometimes touching 40C on the thermometer. There is spare rainfall in some months and the months of December and January are pretty cold during the night.
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