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When it comes to food and wine, Granada is one of the best places in Spain. The must try dishes include Piononos, which are small pastries from Santafe. Jamon de Trevelez is another popular dish made of Spanish ham processed only in the province of Granada. If you are looking for healthy options, Olla de San Anton is a traditional stew made with beans, rice and sausage. A dish made with calf, offal and truffles, Tortilla del Sacromonte, is yet another popular dish that you must try in Granada. There is a wide range of restaurants, the most popular ones being Arrayanes, Bar Oum Kalsoum, La Oliva, Kabab King, La Blanca Paloma and El Pescador.

Food for Indians in Granada

Finding Indian food in Granada is a bit difficult. But, there are restuarants like Babel World Fusion and Muglia Indian restaurant which offer you a wide range of Indian delicacies. Though there are no pure vegetarian restaurants in the city for Indian cuisine, these restaurants have a considerable spread for the Jains and vegetarians.

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