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Losari Beach, Makassar Overview

Losari Beach serves as the center of attraction of the Makassar city. One will come across many different food stalls which have been lined up near the beach to indulge in some delicious and yummy snacks. The beach is at a strategic location which is flanked with artificial platforms, buildings, five-star hotels, restaurants and cafes along with huge market to shop to your heart’s desire. Thus, this is easy to access location is one of the most attractive options for many tourists in the city.

Losari Beach is the single most crowded area at Makassar, but is simultaneously pleasant. There is no direct access to the beach, so a promenade of sorts is erected near the waters, upon which locals mostly relax, with numerous local food stalls and large neon signs. The key landmark of the area is the Floating Mosque, which is a treat to the eye. Situated right next to the water, this mosque looks like it is floating from a few angles, and its relatively new architecture is also a delight to behold. Losari Beach is one of the most beautiful places to view sunrises and sunsets in Makassar.

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Things to Do

Sunset at Losari Beach:
Losari Beach is a beautiful and attractive spot to watch the amazing hues of the sky, especially during sunset. Adjoining the beach is huge public area, where there are children playing around and displaying some amazing roller-blading skills, and on the other one will find different families and people enjoying the breathtaking views of the sunset. Also, make it a point to reach before 6:00 PM to witness the beach at the peak of its beauty.

Indulge in amazing food:
While waiting to enjoy the beautiful sunset, one can try some out some fresh seafood which is available at throwaway prices near the beach. There are many different options from lobster, calamari, and even stingray fish!

There is also some amazing traditional food to enjoy which ranges from palu butung, pisang epek, konro soup, coto makassar, and many more. Also, don’t forget to try out the famous sweet dessert which is made of fresh banana wrapped in green dough and served chilled with ice shavings, syrup and custard which is sure to satisfy that sweet tooth in you.

Take a ride on the duck boat:
One can also rent a duck boat on the Losari Beach, where one is sure to experience some beautiful scenery and clicking some amazing snaps along the way. So, don’t forget to carry your camera or smartphone for some amazing Insta-worthy pictures.

Visit the floating mosque:
There is a mosque situated right next to the water which gives the illusion of the mosque floating in the water. The mosque is a unique piece of architecture and something that one must definitely not miss out on the visit to Losari Beach.

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