How To Reach Majuli

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How to Reach Majuli

To reach Majuli, you will first have to reach Jorhat. From Jorhat, which is just 20 km from Majuli, you will have to travel on a ferry. The ride itself is a fun experience. Jorhat has its own airport with daily flights from Kolkata and Shillong. Jorhat also has a railway station which is connected to the capital town of Guwahati which is well linked to the major cities of India.

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How to reach Majuli by flight

Majuli can't be reached by air. It doesn't have any airport. Jorhat is the only connecting point between Majuli and other cities. With a well-developed airport, Jorhat can be reached easily. From there, you can start your journey to Majuli.

Nearest Airport: Jorhat Airport (JRH)

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How to reach Majuli by road

Since Majuli is a river island, it doesn't have any well-maintained system of roadways. So, you cannot take a bus or taxi to Majuli. Again, the only option is to rely on a nearby city, specifically Jorhat, to reach this beautiful island.

How to reach Majuli by train

There is no train available to Majuli. As Majuli is not commercialised, it is kept as close to nature as possible. Hence, no railways tracks are laid there. If you wish to travel by train, you can get a train to Jorhat which is connected with Guwahati, a major Assam city.

How to reach Majuli by Waterways

Majuli is reachable via one medium, i.e., waterways. Ferries are available to take you to this beautiful river island. Since Majuli is surrounded by water bodies from all the sides, boats and ferries are used to go from one place of this city to another.

Local transport in Majuli

You can use the boat services to go down the river for a unique experience. You can also rent bicycles to get around.

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