The Journey To The Largest River Island MAJULI

The journey to the largest River Island MAJULI started with hopping on the ferry from Nimatighat and it now remains locked in my heart like “Happily ever after”. I always wanted to visit the other side of mighty river Brahmaputra to Majuli Island and couldn’t stop grabbing the chance when I stayed so close to the place. This is my second blog on the Majuli Island because I can’t stop drooling over the serenity of the place, beauty that people carry in their heart and peace that fed my soul forever.

I wrote the first blog with complete itinerary about how to reach, where to stay and little description about the place. I can’t stay calm until I tell you where and what you need to visit in Majuli. I tell you, I am completely in love with the place and if you do everything I write below I am sure you too will.

Visit Dakhinpaat Satra

Majuli is a place to understand the depth of Assamese history through Neo-Vaishnavism culture that spread its roots in 15th century and was initiated by Assamese Saint Shrimanta Sankardev. The Satra is a place of worship and is a Bachelor’s Satra where one is allowed to serve only if Bachelor. It has a beautiful campus with attractive murals on wall. If not the Satra, the road leading us there is extremely mesmerising with Beels (lake) on both sides interspersed with floating water hyacinth, country boats and the clear blue sky joining us for shelter.


Aouniti Satra not to be missed

The Satra was established in 1658 and got the name from Aouni Paan that grew in the premise. It was built by Ahom King and is again bachelor exclusive Satra where ladies cannot enter the worship place after 5pm. The Satra is beautiful with delicate architecture and has a museum as well with Assamese antiquates.


Samaguri Satra a must

Being in Majuli you simply cannot miss this two room Family satra which is also the house of Mask maker. There are dramas called BHAWNA that are organised in Majuli and mask maker prepares mask of characters required in the play. Hem Chandra Goswami is acclaimed mask maker who has inherited the skill from his forefathers. The masks are made using bamboo base along with mixture of cow dung and paper and later given finishing and painted after it has dried up.samaguri

Walk through Mishing Village

Mishing is the largest Ethnic Tribe of Majuli other than Sonowal, Kachari and Deori and there is a village dominated by Mishing Tribe. The village is walking distance from LA MAISON DA ANANDA (Accommodation I stayed) and so it was easy for me to pick up the direction. To explore the village properly, understand the culture and feel like a local, I highly recommend slow walk.


Take a tour to Pathorichuk

Pathorichuk is another village that will rise up your rustic dreams and take you on an extreme countryside voyage. Well it is quite an adventure to reach there but totally worth it. You can take two wheelers if not in the mood to walk but I preferred walking. So to begin with you cross a medium sized bamboo bridge, walk on pastoral grounds, cross 100 to 200m of water-body on country-boat operated holding a rope tied from one side to other and lastly cross two big bamboo bridges again to finally reach the village. Oh!! What a tour, I loved it!!!


Beg and borrow a country-boat ride

Being in Majuli takes you close to the mighty Brahmaputra River and missing a ride on country boat used by locals for their daily chores is a big loss. Trust me, I have seen and met some of the best people with golden heart in Majuli. All you need to do is smile and request them to take you on a small ride on their little wooden boat, most of them will not deny unless they are busy.


Don’t  miss the prolific sunset

While coming back from Dakhinpaat Satra on the road we have a sunset point and it will give you a sunset worth so much more than photography. Reach there by around 4pm so that you can spend some time there enjoying the zephyr by riverside and wait for the sunset to leave you smitten. Go a bit early so that you see locals coming back from work rowing on their wooden boats, just the perfect sunset.


Walk into small woods before sunrise

Oh Boy!!! This might sound a bit crazy but it was something I did not do in ages until I went to Majuli. Waking up at 4.30am in the morning might be a tough job but just for one day will not hurt anyone. Wake up before sunrise and walk towards the sunrisepoint crossing the Mishing village next to riverside. Majestic feeling it is!!!

stony trail

Let the sunrise embrace you

The first rays of sun never fail to make you fall you in love with its aura and especially when you are sitting next to Brahmaputra River in MAJULI. The sun slowly outlines the cloud in golden lines, a picture postcard view and playfully peeps out of its hideout amidst the clouds. Slow breeze and warmth of sunrise melts your soul deep inside.

20161015_163838Local food and Rice Beer

Without trying the local food in Majuli the trip surely cannot wrap up because it is yummy and promise a sumptuous treat. Being a river Island fresh water fish is something which is must in the local cuisine. You must try the tribal food Thali at La Maison Da Ananda and feel like eating in your kitchen with the very homely and sweet Rishong Family. Oh!! Don’t forget to taste Apong(Local Rice Beer).

Enjoy some self time near Beels

Beels(Lake) are something Majuli is famous for and add to major attraction. The Beels are matted with green paddy fields in sync with floating water hyacinth and lotus. Try to visit Majuli between Novembers to February to gaze the beauty of migratory birds. Sit by lakes (Beel) and enjoy the breeze kissing your cheeks.


Climb the ferry top for view

This is cherry on top experience and the best way to wrap up your beautiful journey to Majuli and make it memorable one. The last ferry leaves from Kamalabari at 3.00pm and put all your efforts to get into the last one. Move some bones and climb the ferry top to witness the beautiful sunset while enjoying the massive view of Brahmaputra River surrounding you.


Oh!! This has been a long to do list but if you are in Majuli try not to miss any of them because Majuli trip will be incomplete without these. All you need is two nights and 1 ½ day stay in Majuli to do all of these. However you can visit other Satras like Kamalabari Satra, Garamur Satra etc. The place is waiting for your with open arms, pack your bags and land in the River Island if you are around!! JJ

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