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Located along London’s South Bank, London Dungeon is a themed thrilling attraction site and one of the 6 dungeons in the whole of UK, amongst others around the world. The place recreates the most horrible, gruesome and grotesque events from the capital’s history in a black comedy or gallows humour style.

With a mix of live theatre and horror rides, the London Dungeon takes its visitors on London’s millennium-long criminal journey. The place at present has 19 shows and 20 actors who perform in and as the most notorious and ill-reputed characters such as Jack the Ripper, a serial killer in the 19th century or showcase events from London’s dark history, like the Gunpowder Plot, which was devised to assassinate King James I in the House of Lords in 1605.

With 2 rides and other experiences such as witnessing actors dressed as the Plague Doctor during the Black Death, the shows are put up with special effects. They are interactive shows as the public is also encouraged to take part in them.

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Established in 1974 and started in 1976 by Annabel Geddes, the place was originally supposed to display a wax exhibition of dark events from history. It was later in the late 1980s that events from the life of Jack the Ripper or the Great Fire of London got featured as walkthrough theatre shows. Post being taken over by Merlin Entertainments in 1992, it was made to become a more interactive experience.

The place, led under the direction of Nick Varney, became less about historical accuracy and more about humour which wasn’t taken in good taste. There were mixed reviews of this place, with some thoroughly enjoying it while the others dismissing altogether.


Amongst the 19 shows, you’ll find yourself immersed into the darkness as you start your descent into the dungeon, followed by a boat ride, exploring Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot, the pain inflicted by the Torturer in the 1600s, Sweeney Todd’s misdeeds and felonies in the 1800s, the dark and dim halls and prisoners at the Newgate Prison, along with a 5D laser ride, which will have you duck, chase, and shoot your way out of the horror chamber.

Not for the weak or faint hearted, London Dungeon is a thrilling experience for those who would like to have some fun and experience the 1000 years of London’s most twisted, warped, and dismal criminal history in a series of short skits put up by artists, dark humour style. Visit only if you can stomach it all!

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