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Things To Do In Ao Nang

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1. Aao Nang Night Market

Aao Nang Night Market

1 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

Delicious food, fantastic atmosphere, gorgeous clothes, and everything else, in super affordable prices! Occupying a lively space close to the 7/11 store in the southern corner of the beach road at Ao Nang, the Ao Nang Night Market is one of the most exciting local markets of Krabi.

2. Nopparat Thara Beach

Nopparat Thara Beach

3 km
from city center
2 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

Located on one end of Ao Nang and one of its two main beaches, the Nopparat Thara Beach is a four-kilometre long sandy stretch, best known for its serenity and beauty, and of course for the fantastic opportunity to enjoy a picnic with the local Thais that the beach offers.

3. Monkey Trail Hike

Monkey Trail Hike

2 km
from city center
3 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

The Monkey Trail hike is a breath of fresh air amid the tourism encroachment of Krabi. It is a short 800 m trek that takes not more than 30 minutes to cover. The dirt path trail begins at a wooden bridge at the end of Ao Nang Beach, goes through dense forests to the summit, and gives way to a rickety staircase to Pai Plong Beach. It is a strip of warm white sand and turquoise water.

4. Snorkeling in Ao Nang

Snorkeling in Ao Nang

4 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

Snorkelling is one of the most common activities in Ao Nang. Numerous island-hopping tours departing from Ao Nang include visits to snorkeling hotspots such as the Phi Phi Islands, Chicken Island, Poda Island, Koh Talu, Koh Tap, and Hong Islands. Some operators offer guided snorkeling excursions closer to Ao Nang's coastline, where you can explore nearby reefs and underwater formations. Most snorkeling spots are accessible by traditional longtail boats or speedboats.

5. Kayaking in Ao Nang

Kayaking in Ao Nang

5 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

Kayaking is an environment-friendly and cheap sport at Ao Nang. Good locations include Railay Beach, Tonsai and Chicken Island. Rent a kayak and paddle at your own pace, discovering limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, and limestone karsts while enjoying the serenity of the Andaman Sea.

6. Hiking in Ao Nang

Hiking in Ao Nang

6 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

Hiking in Ao Nang offers a diverse range of trails amidst lush landscapes and stunning natural beauty. Explore trails that wind through lush jungles, offering panoramic views of limestone cliffs, tropical foliage, and occasionally, glimpses of the Andaman Sea. Discover hidden waterfalls, such as the Sa Nang Manora Waterfall, offering refreshing breaks and picturesque scenery.

7. Long Tail Boat Tours

Long Tail Boat Tours

7 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

The long-tail boat tour is one of the most famous tours in Ao Nang. The 4-island tour is a great plan which includes a visit to Koh Poda, Koh Kai, Koh Mor and Koh Tup. Along with that, Nopparat Mangrove Tour is also a great activity for visitors and Rock climbing can be done at the Limestone cliffs in Ao Nang.

8. Trip to Railay Beach

Trip to Railay Beach

8 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

Take a short boat ride from Ao Nang to Railay Beach, known for its pristine shores, limestone cliffs, and rock climbing opportunities. Visit Phra Nang Cave Beach and explore the fascinating Princess Cave, adorned with offerings and local legends. An absolute best for rock climbers, Railay is a one-of-a-kind spot for active diving, kayaking and rock climbing; as well as just relaxing at your resort.

9. Tiger Cave Temple

Tiger Cave Temple

9 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

Overlooking spectacular mountain and valley views, Tiger Cave Temple, or Wat Tham Suea, is a Buddhist cave temple at an elevation of 309 meters. It is one of Thailand's most sacred Buddhist temples and is known for fascinating tiger paw prints in the cave and tall Buddha statues. Take a Songthaew to the entrance and climb the 1260 steps to the top for an incredible view. Dress moderately, covering shoulders and knees.

10. Visit Emerald Pool in Krabi

Visit Emerald Pool in Krabi

10 out of 10
Things To Do in Ao Nang

The Krabi Emerald Pool, also known as Sa Morakot, is a picturesque natural pond fed by freshwater springs that descend down the surrounding hills. It is situated within Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, and the 1.4 km walk to the pool through the forest is enchanting. The pool is 1-2 meters deep and ideal for swimming.

FAQs on Ao Nang

How can I commute within Ao nang?

To commute within Ao Nang, visitors can take motorbikes, bicycles and local transport. Quite a lot of places in Ao Nang are walking distance, especially beaches. Local buses called Song Taew can be used for day tours in and around Ao Nang. Motorcycle taxis can be easily found in Krabi Town. Tuk-tuks or open-sided minivans and motorbike sidecars are also available in Ao Nang and cost around 20-50 THB per person. Regular taxis usually cost around 600 THB per ride but they do not take short rides around beaches.
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