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Food of Khasab

The food at Khasab, much like throughout Oman offers a very delicious blend of both Arabian and Indian influences. Almost all restaurants and cafes around Khasab sell shawarmas and biryanis. A very popular snack in Oman are dates, which are traditionally served with Kahwa (very bitter coffee). Dates are a staple food in Oman as they are found almost everywhere across the country. The local food choices are Harees (wheat mixed with meat), Kebabs and Machboos (rice with saffron and spicy meat). There are many restaurants you can go to for eating local food. Some popular ones are Wadi Qada restaurant, Al Mawra Restaurant and Telegraph Island Restaurant.

Food for Indians in Khasab

There are a few Indian restaurants in the city centre of Khasab such as Musandam Restaurant, Telegraph Island Restaurant and Al Shamalia Grill Restaurant. All three restaurants are vegetarian-friendly.

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