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Jebel Al Harim, Khasab Overview

Known as the Mountain of Women, the beautiful Jebel Harim is the highest peak in Musandam located at 2,087 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking views of the glorious valley. The rocks on the mountains are studded with well-preserved fossils, showing signs of life from creatures like molluscs, fish, clams and a collection of trilobites. The summit of the mountain is off-limits to the public as there is a radar station situated on the peak, watching the shipping action on the Straights of Hormuz.

It is a beautiful drive with paved roads all around the mountain. On your way down, you'll see a stunning fossil wall, which is made out of a sea bed rock. It's covered in a layer of fossilized impressions with outlines of starfish and other sea animals.

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Things to Do at Jebel Al Harim

1. Visit the Jebel Harim Pass: One of the most beautiful roads in Oman, drive through this helter-skelter road and view the beautiful homes and villages on both sides, the beautiful crescent canyons and various green landscapes too. 

2. Tombstones at Rawdah Bowl: A circular plateau, this is located at the bottom of Jebel Al Harim. Here you will find beautiful acacia trees and a strong historical factor to it. Here you will find ancient tombstones that go back to the pre-Islamic period. 

3. Sayh Plateau: Probably the only place in Khasab that receives rainfall, this plateau is beautiful for photo opportunities during the monsoons as the area gets lush and green.

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