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Kemmanagundi Travel Essentials


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Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Best Time: September to May Read More

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"House of the tallest peak of Karnataka"

Kemmanagundi Tourism

A hill station of widespread views and scents of beautiful gardens, Kemmanagundi or KR hills offer a perfect summer retreat for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The area also has trekking, nature walks and picnics. The Royal Horticulture Society of Karnataka is located here and has some of the most beautiful gardens. The Rock garden, Z point, Hebbe falls, Kalahasti falls and the Shiva temple are a few must-see attractions here.

The name Kemmanagudi means red soil which the region is popularly known for. It was a summer retreat for the Mysore King Krishnaraj Wodeyar IV. Completely awestruck and mesmerised by the beauty of the surroundings, he donated his resort to the government of Karnataka. This place has a lot to offer right from the beautiful waterfalls to nature treks. The weather is lovely throughout the year, and you can visit it all year round.

Things to do in Kemmanagundi

1. Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls
Among 35 waterfalls in Karnataka, Hebbe Falls is the most stunning one located in the Chikmagalur. This enchanted waterfall is in the beautiful Kemmangundi hill station, an 8-hour drive from Bangalore (Read More). The water of Hebbe falls comprises medicinal herbs offering healing qualities, thus attracting a large number of tourists who come here for a dip.

2. Kalahatti Falls

Kalahatti Falls
Kalahatti Falls is the perfect combination for anyone seeking spirituality and serenity in a single location. Also known as the Kalahasti Falls, the Kalahatti Falls are situated in Chikmagalur. They a (Read More)re at a distance of 10 kilometres from the Kemmangundi hill station. The location has the infamous Veerabradeshwara Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The entire area is covered with greenery. Being situated close to the Chandra Drona hill, you can enjoy the view of the water pouring down from there too.

3. Z Point

Z Point
Nestled in Kemmangundi and offering exquisite views of the Western Ghats, Z Point is a vantage point that can be reached after undertaking a trek of 3kms. This trekking trail begins from Kemmanagundi (Read More)Raj Bhavan and into the thick forest from which you will come across Shanti Waterfalls. Till Shanti falls, the trek is easy, but after that, it gets a little tough. In the later part of the trek, you are likely to be on a narrow path surrounded by deep valleys and steep hills. Listed amongst the most picturesque places to visit in Chikmagalur, Z Point is a magnificent sunrise and sunset point.

4. Shiva Temple, Kemmanagundi

Shiva Temple, Kemmanagundi
Surrounded by magnificent rocks and tranquil forests, the Shiva temple of Kemmanagundi lies right in the lap of nature. The gushing waters of the cascading waterfall nearby elevate the beauty of this (Read More)temple to a whole new level. The artistic rock paintings and sculptures of the deities are an absolute must-see. The construction of the temple is unique. The rocks have been beautifully cut up and decorated with indigenous art, which makes it a unique experience. This temple is highly revered among the locals and tourists alike.

5. Rock Garden

Rock Garden
The Rock Garden is home to multitudes of flowers of various species of flora, amongst the pathways carved out of rocks here. It is an ideal spot for any nature lover to enjoy the feeling of spending a (Read More)n evening amongst nature and for a spectacular view of the sunset.

6. Shanti Falls

Shanti Falls
A little away from the Z point, these waterfalls experience relatively less footfall from tourists. Hence, visit these to witness pristine and modest waterfalls and streams with lush greenery all arou (Read More)nd.

7. Rajendra Hill

Rajendra Hill
One of the highest peaks in Karnataka, this hill at an elevation of 1448m is well known for its iron ore deposits. Tourists can view the transportation of the minerals from the hill after extraction. (Read More)It is named after the Mysore King Krishna Rajendra Wodeyar IV who had this Hill as his summer retreat. At an elevation of 4700 feet, this hill is surrounded by beautiful coffee plantations. It is also a popular trekking destination as it close to the Mullyandiri peak too.

8. Trekking in Kemmanagundi

Trekking in Kemmanagundi
Trekking in Kemmanagundi is one of the most visually flattering and refreshing experiences, with sparkling green terrains, interspersed with waterfalls and streams. Trek you way to the Hebbe Falls and (Read More) the Z point to have the most of your trekking experiences in Kemmanagundi.

9. Mullayanagiri

Mullayanagiri is the highest peak of Karnataka known for its peaceful ambiance and nature's raw beauty. The peak adorned with verdant grassland, rugged rocks, and a good trek path is also quite popula (Read More)r among adventure lovers.

Must Know Before You Travel to Kemmanagundi

  • Be careful of the leeches if you are visiting the place during the monsoons.
  • Apart from a restaurant at Kemmanagundi Hill Resort by Jungle Lodges, there are no other options to eat.
  • There is an entry and parking charge of INR 100 while entering the hill station
  • Reach before 3 PM at Hebbe Falls checkpoint as it takes two hours to complete the trip. 

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Suggested Itinerary for Kemmanagundi

Day 1: On reaching Kemmanagundi, you can head straight to the beautiful Hebbe Falls. Do not forget to take a dip which is believed to cure all skin diseases. After spending some time in the falls, visit the tallest peak of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri. For adventure enthusiasts, there are various treks and mountain biking routes which take you up the hills. Also, visit the Shiva temple on the way to Mullayanagiri. You can explore the small caves as well around this area.

Day 2: You can opt for an early morning trek to Z point. On the way up there, you will get to see Shanti Falls. The uphill trek is steep but worth all the effort and energy. After the beautiful morning trek, you can visit Kalhatti falls which is just 10 km away.

Best Time to Visit Kemmanagundi

How to Reach Kemmanagundi

How to Reach Overview

Kemmanagundi is a hill station in Chikmunglur district of Karnataka. The nearest airport is Mangalore Airport which is approximately 150 km away from Kemmanagundi. The closest railway station is Tarikere which is 35 km away and the best way to commute to Kemmanagundi. There are many state run and private buses which are connected to this hill station. You can also prefer to drive down as the roadways are very well connected.

How to reach Kemmanagundi by flight

The closest airport to Kemmanagundi is Mangalore Airport. The airport is around 150 km away and takes about 2 and half hours to cover the distance. The airport is well connected via all the major flights in India, and hence it makes this destination even more reachable and popular. Taxis are easily available outside the airport. 

How to reach Kemmanagundi by road

Kemmanagundi is very well connected via roads from the major cities in Karnataka. There are many private and state buses which run on this route. They are excellent and economical to reach this destination. Taxis also are a good option.

How to reach Kemmanagundi by train

Tarikere is the closest railway station to reach this place. It is about 35 km away from Kemmanagundi and takes about an hour to reach via taxis. It is well connected by trains from Mangalore and Banglore.

Local transport in Kemmanagundi

Kemmanagundi is well connected by buses from outside and inside you can either take buses or cabs to visit the sites of the hill station.

Kemmanagundi Photos

Kemmanagundi, Karnataka
Hebbe Falls
'Z' Point
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Chickmagaluru, Karnataka 577101, India

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FAQs on Kemmanagundi

What is famous about Kemmanagundi?

A summer retreat for the people of Karnataka and the neighbouring regions. The Royal Horticulture Society of Karnataka has developed the most beautiful looking gardens.

What is not so good about Kemmanagundi?

It is an easy drive from major cities of Karnataka, hence tends to get crowded during the long weekends and holidays. During the peak season the hotel booking, lodging and parking lots create quite a ruckus.

Who should visit Kemmanagundi?

This hill station is an ideal place for those who are looking for an adventure packed holiday and also for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

What is the best time to visit Kemmanagundi?

Kemmanagundi has a lovely climate throughout the year but the best time to visit this place is from September to February. Monsoon is another excellent time to visit Kemmanagundi because of the lush greenery sprawling the town, but there can be intermittent rainfall. The gardens in Kemmanagundi look mesmerising during the rainy season. During the summers, the rush of tourists is at the maximum. 
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What is the local food in Kemmanagundi?

Though the area is brimming with lush green sceneries and waterfalls, the options for cuisine are somewhat limited in the area. One might have to stick to the hotels and lodges that may serve popular items across cuisines, other than which there aren't too many eating places here. You might chance upon local fares like Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Kesari Bath, Mysore pak, Chiroti etc
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What is the best way to reach Kemmanagundi?

Kemmanagundi is a hill station in Chikmunglur district of Karnataka. The nearest airport is Mangalore Airport which is approximately 150 km away from Kemmanagundi. The closest railway station is Tarikere which is 35 km away and the best way to commute to Kemmanagundi. There are many state run and private buses which are connected to this hill station. You can also prefer to drive down as the roadways are very well connected.
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What are the things to do in Kemmanagundi?

The top things to do in Kemmanagundi are Hebbe Falls, Mullayanagiri, Z Point, Shiva Temple, Kemmanagundi, Kalhatti Falls, Rock Garden. You can see all the places to visit in Kemmanagundi here

What are the places near Kemmanagundi?

The top places near to Kemmanagundi are Chikmagalur which is 28 km from Kemmanagundi, Coorg which is located 127 km from Kemmanagundi, Kudremukh which is located 75 km from Kemmanagundi, Halebid which is located 44 km from Kemmanagundi, Shimoga which is located 47 km from Kemmanagundi

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- Being a city filled with religious and historical sites, be respectful of local traditions, and ask for permission before entering any of the temples or forts. Konkani and Kannada are the languages (Read More) spoken in Karwar, along with Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and English.
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