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How to Reach Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur has its own railway station known as Tatanagar, which is connected to the major cities of the country. Regular bus services are also available from Patna, Kolkatta, Gaya, Ranchi and Hazaribagh. The nearest airport is at Ranchi which is about 150 km from here. You can take a taxi or a bus from Ranchi to reach Jamshedpur.

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Most frequently searched routes to Jamshedpur

Route Name Distance Time
Delhi to Jamshedpur 1,361 km 22 hours 1 min
Bangalore to Jamshedpur 1,788 km 1 day 7 hours
Mumbai to Jamshedpur 1,774 km 1 day 7 hours
Hyderabad to Jamshedpur 1,399 km 1 day 1 hour
Varanasi to Jamshedpur 556 km 10 hours 41 mins
Chennai to Jamshedpur 1,580 km 1 day 3 hours
Ahmedabad to Jamshedpur 1,953 km 1 day 7 hours
Pune to Jamshedpur 1,677 km 1 day 6 hours
Jaipur to Jamshedpur 1,383 km 23 hours 17 mins

How to reach Jamshedpur by flight

Jamshedpur does not have a civil airport. The nearest airport, however, is the Ranchi Airport.

Nearest Airport: Birsa Munda Airport (IXR) - 107 kms from Jamshedpur

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How to reach Jamshedpur by train

Tatanagar is the major railhead in Jamshedpur, which is very well connected to most of the cities in the country.

Local transport in Jamshedpur

One can travel around in auto-rickshaws, minibuses or hired cabs. Taking a minibus is the most economical option.

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