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Midnapore Tourism

In the interiors of West Bengal is yet another treasure- Midnapore town or Medinipur, as it is locally known. Midnapore combines the beauty of India's multi religion culture with the exuberance of ancient history.

It is also the base for several well-known colleges like the Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, the Midnapore Medical College and Hospital, the Midnapore Law College, etc.
This is one of the few towns in perhaps all of India's semi Urban landscape that has so many places to offer in their sheer number. The town is not the kind of place that you go to for a luxury getaway but the kind that pleases your explorer instincts. So if you're a traveler at heart, then pack your backpack and book a ticket for Medinipur!

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Midnapore is pronounced as Medinipur in the local language. Different accounts associate different stories with the origin of the name. One story claims that Medinipur is so named after goddess Medinimata (meaning mother of the worlds, an incarnation of goddess Shakti). Even though the deep influence of Jainism and Buddhism is imprinted here, some accounts associate the name Midnapore to that of Medina, the Islamic holy city. It is said that during its prime days, Midnapore housed mosques which rivalled the mosques in Medina due to their sheer numbers and that is how it came to be known as Midnapore. It is also said that Medinikar, a ruler of the Kar dynasty which ruled Midnapore during 1200 and 1431 AD named it as Medinipur.

Culture and Heritage

During ancient times, as the historical sites and structures show, Jainism and Buddhism were highly dominant in these parts of the country. Midnapore is renowned for its benefaction to the history of freedom fighters in India. It has created several brave martyrs. A vastly distinctive culture can be seen in Midnapore. The official languages spoken here are Bengali and English, though Hindi is widely understood. Midnapore is also notable for its Bengali sweets shops. The residents here lead a very laid back life and are known to be friendly. Midnapore is also deeply set in the celebrations of its religious festivals. Vishwakarma Puja, especially, is immensely popular in Midnapore. 

Restaurants and Local Food in Midnapore

Midnapore is not particularly famous for any local delicacy. But, one local preparation, known as Gohona Bori gives the tiny town of West Midnapore something to boast of, i.e., a food item true and authentic to the Bengali cuisine. Gohona means jewellery in the local language and Bori means small round shapes (derived from Batika in Sanskrit). Like many local crafts, the craft of making these Boris is fast disappearing. But, some local cooperatives are trying to revive it by offering them for sale. Difficult as it might be to source it, a trip to Midnapore will be complete if you get to experience this authentic Bengali delicacy.
These beautiful, intricate jewellery like patterns are made from lentil paste, whipped out with the help of a small cone. The lovely and wonderful shapes of these Boris are enough to whet anyone's appetite.

If you prefer to eat from highly credible places, then eating at your hotel is the most trusted option. Midnapore, being a small town, does not have many eateries or food joints. You can find local Bengali food in and around the station area.

Kharagpur lies only 23 km away from Midnapore and you can find a few restaurants between Midnapore and Kharagpur where you can have a complete filling meal.

Himalayan Delight lies 8 km away from the Midnapore railway station and serves North Indian and Chinese cuisine. It is known for the quality of its food and amazing service. Non-veg curries, rolls, and biryani are some of the must-try dishes here. Hot Box is the closest to the railway station, lying only 1.4 kms away. Serving Indian cuisine, it is a relatively new place and has opened up very close to the Midnapore railway station. Ideal for a quick meal when travelling to or from Midnapore railway station. Hotel Capsicum is approximately 9 km from the station and serves North Indian fare.It is popular among tourists for its view of the Highway, amazing hospitality, and tasty food. Biryani and the variety of capsicum dishes on offer are recommended by travellers.
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One Day Itinerary

If you plan to cover Midnapore in a short trip, then you're in for a challenge, especially because beautiful tourist sites are spread all over Midnapore and it's neighbouring villages. Although all of them are worth visiting, some of them are much more breathtaking than others.

After having settled in your hotel, the first place to visit is Tamluk, a small village, a few km from the main town. Carry ample food and water, just to be on the safer side. Tamluk has numerous sites of historical significance. the temple of Devi Bargobheema is one of them. having spent nearly half the day there, you can see St. Johns Church on your way back to the hotel and the Kali Temple in Nutan Bazaar. You may have to go off route to cover all these places, but due to the sheer size of the town, it won't take you much time.

Similarly, the next day you can start with going to the town of Chandrakona, visit its numerous forts and perhaps the local market. On your way back, you can see the Chilkigarh Durga Mandir and Forests. Jhargram palace is another breathtaking site, in town Jhargram near Medinipur.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

A great site to experience cultures, traditions and heritage.

What's Not So Great?

It is not the cleanest of places. There is also a scarcity of water. It gets extremely hot in the summers and monsoons.

For Whom?

Midnapore is the ideal destination for anyone who has an avid interest in the history of art and culture as well as heritage and legends.

How To Reach Midnapore

Midnapore is well linked to other towns and cities by rail. The nearest airport is located in Kolkata and Midnapore is not very well connected to other towns through proper roads. Thus, travelling to Midnapore by train is the most convenient option.

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Q. We like to visit the Bargabheema Temple at Talmud for 2/3 days in mid March. Is there any guest house in/around the temple for the pilgrims? If no, any budget lodge/hotel nearby( preferably with attached bath and in western style ). Please inform with lodging tariffs for 3 adults and one child of 11 years in one room.

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Kovid Kapoor 1 year ago
- Midnapore is different from your regular vacation trip. If you plan to pick a place that helps you relax and enjoy some serenity, then Midnapore might not be it. Midnapore is meant for the travelling fanatics who want to experience the Indian culture in all its brilliance, and are ready to spend some tiring yet highly indulging days
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