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Jammu has a bit of all elements and food cultures that constitute Jammu and Kashmir's cuisine. So, it is the menu of this town in which lists down almost every food item that the state is popular from. So the regulars here are Dogra dishes which include Aloo Dum, Rajma, Kashmiri Pulao as well as the very popular Wazawan and the staple Naan. You will also find chocolate barfi, patisa and a number of typical North Indian snacks Jammu is also dotted by various smaller eateries providing hot parathas and Jammu's local cuisine.
Here are some of the recommended street food that you must try

Kaladi Kulch at Pahalwan di Hatti at Pacca Danga, Old City/Gole Market, Gandhi Nagar/Off National Highway, Bari Brahmana. It is the most legendary and also the most sought-after food in Jammu. Prepared by a kind of cheese extracted from cow?s milk, the savoury dish is a mix of kaladi (cheese), kulcha and added spices.

Kachalu is the favourite food of the people in Jammu. It is made with a base of sweet potatoes, ground pepper, chilli and jamiri (extract of lemon). Girdhari Kachaloo Wala located between Pacca Danga and Kachi Chawni is the oldest shop in Jammu and offers mouth-watering tangy kachalu.

Try the authentic Poode prepared in pure-desi ghee at Rawal Pindi Sweet Shop at Jain Bazaar.

Explore a little further and try looking for Banwari Lal?s stall hidden in the interiors of Raghunath Bazaar and try out their Dabba Kulcha. It is dish with kulcha buns soaked in rajma gravy and garnished with tamarind chutney and chopped onions and chillies. Tip- Visit before 3 PM otherwise you will find yourself facing an empty stall.

For mouth-watering Pakode, go to Madan Lal Bansi Lal at Ranbir Library Chowk, Kachi Chawni. It is almost always crowded with youngsters having chai and pakode.

The other local dish of Jammu is Gulgule which is much loved by the people. They are small sized balls made with chickpeas and served with grated mooli and imli ki chutney. You can find it at any stray stalls on the road and all of them are equally delicious.

You cannot leave Jammu without having a spoonful of Anardana Chutney. It is a combination of anardana seeds, green chillies, salt, mint and coriander. The heavenly taste of this chutney cannot be compared to any other delicacy in the world. Served with chopped onions, you can try it at any establishment on the streets.

Here are the top 5 restaurants in Jammu:

1. Falak

2.0 /5
7th floor, KC Residency Hotel, Residency Road, Jammu City, India 
11 AM to 10 PM
INR 400-800

An innovative concept of a revolving restaurant, this place serves decent Indian and regional food items.

2. Moti Mahal

4.0 /5
GS MAll (P) LTD, Counter No. 7, Channi Rama, JAMMU 
North-Indian, Chinese
11 AM to 11 PM
INR 900

Some of the claims that Moti Mahal makes in terms of being old and really good at Tandoori cuisine might just be right. Go here and order Daal Makhani and revel in its creamy glory. Non-vegetarian options are equally good, though seekh kebab needs more love from the kitchen folk. Also, this is a place were the bar is open throughout the working hours, so you can head here for quick drink.

3. Falak revolving Restaurant

4.0 /5
7th floor, KC Residency Hotel, Residency Road, Jammu City, India 
Mughlai, Kashmiri
11 AM to 10 PM
INR 400-800

It is situated at the top of the KC hotel on Residency Road. The restaurant gently rotates, giving an unobstructed view of the Jammu valley over the course of approximately two hours. The food captures the basic essence of Mughlai/Kashmiri cuisine, as it is delicately prepared and full of flavor. The non-vegetarian food is delicious. But the highlight of the meal (for meat lovers) is the Raan. It is a leg of lamb, cooked to perfection with the most delicious of flavors.

4. Hotel Taj Restaurant

4.0 /5
Khatikan, Shahidi Chowk, Near Jamia Masjid180001 

Excellent traditional Kashmiri food is served here. You can try their Yakhni and Rishtey. A bit confusing to reach but worth the effort.

5. The Imperial Grill Restaurant

4.0 /5
TRG Hotel, Bahu Plaza, Gandhinagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180004 
Indian, Bar
11 AM - 11 PM

Imperial Grill is a good restaurant & food quality is also very good. Lots of variety in non- veg food is available. The Bar area is separate so nice for families to visit too.

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