How To Reach Honolulu

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How to Reach Honolulu

Reaching the city is easy. You can fly in the city or reach through the sea.

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How to Reach Honolulu from India

Indians can reach Honolulu by flights from Delhi and Mumbai with one or more stops. Lufthansa, American Airlines are few airlines that fly from India.

How to reach Honolulu by flight

There are two terminals in the city airport, Honolulu International Airport, the Inter-Island and the Main. Inter-Island Terminal is the home base of Hawaiian Airlines which offers frequent local service to the other Hawaiian islands. The Airport Waikiki Express provides shuttle service to hotels in Waikiki every half hour.

How to reach Honolulu by road

No routes.

How to reach Honolulu by train

No rail routes

How to reach Honolulu by bus

No buses are available to get in the city

How to reach Honolulu by Waterways

The main harbour, Honolulu cruise pier, is located in between the airport and the Waikiki. You may reach the city through waterways easily.

Local transport in Honolulu

The best way to roam in the city of Honolulu is in a car. You may rent a car or hire a taxi as the rental rates are lower. Other options to roam are the public bus or trolley.

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