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Timings : 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Time Required : Less than 1 hour

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Hong Kong Bird Market, Hong Kong Overview

The Hong Kong Bird Market, also known as Yuen Po Street Bird Market, is one of the most popular street markets of Hong Kong. Also known as the Bird Garden, it is a Chinese style market lined with stalls selling songbirds and pet birds and is visited by tourists to experience the local life and culture.

The Bird Market of Hong Kong is a continuation of long-standing traditional bird market which was previously in Hong Lok Street, known as the “Bird Street”. One of the major highlights of the Hong Kong Bird Market is “Walking the Bird” culture which is a phenomenon unique to Hong Kong wherein the birds are taken for a walk. To witness this, visiting the Bird Garden during the early morning hours is recommended.

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Highlight of Hong Kong Bird Market

Walking the Bird Culture: The hobby of bird walking, which is common amongst the elderly people of Hong Kong, is best experienced at Hong Kong Bird Market. Just like people take their dogs and cats for a walk, here in the bird garden the elderly take their birds, and parrots for a stroll. They believe that if they do not take their feathered companions for a walk or a stroll, the birds will get depressed and they will start feeling lonely.

Traditional Chinese Architecture: The Bird Market in Hong Kong is one of the best places to see the beautiful traditional Chinese architecture. The market has a traditional “pailou” entrance structure which is a Chinese architectural arch giving the market the traditional look. One can also spot the Moon Gateways which divide the Bird Garden into smaller sections.

Things to Buy at Yuen Po Street Bird Market

Besides the bird stalls, Hong Kong Bird Market is know for handcrafted bird cages, and souvenirs. There are different types of bird cages ranging from handcrafted bird cages to expensive cages created from steel and plastic. There are also a variety of ceramic bowls crafted with Chinese pottery, with traditional usage of colours white and blue.

How To Reach Hong Kong Bird Market

The Bird Market, or the Yuen Po Street is situated between Mongkok and Prince Edward. The easiest way to reach here is to take the MTR to Prince Edward Station, Exit B1. From there, take a 15 minute walk towards Mong Kong stadium. The Bird Market begins at the end of Flower Market.

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