What is the best time to visit Haa Valley?

October and November is the best time to visit Haa Valley as this is period which enables the most breathtaking view of the snow-capped Mt. Jomolhari and Jichu Drake which can be seen from the Chele La Pass between Paro and Haa Valley. 

June - August is the summer monsoon season. Average maximum temperature varies between 25°C - 27°C while the average minimum temperature varies between 12°C - 17°C. The Haa Summer Festival is organised over a few days in summer by the Tourism Council in collaboration with the Bhutan Olympic Committee and the Haa District Administration. This festival celebrates the Bhutanese nomadic lifestyle, culture, involving religious performances and sports and cuisine in which one can not only try the local Haap delicacies but also participate in the games and activities as part of the festivities. 

Autumn season from September - November has mild weather with clear skies and conditions conducive for trekking and hiking. December - February during Winters are quite cold with temperatures dropping as low as -1.7°C in the month of January. However, it is also the season of a number of festivals and rituals, commencing with the birth anniversary of Ap Chhundu (Bho-Yak).

Weather in Haa Valley


Upcoming Haa Valley Weather

Monthly Weather in Haa Valley

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 6°/ -3° 10 days
February 7°/ -2° 7 days
March 10°/ 1° 17 days
April 12°/ 3° 21 days
May 15°/ 7° 31 days
June 16°/ 10° 27 days
July 16°/ 11° 30 days
August 18°/ 11° 30 days
September 15°/ 9° 30 days
October 15°/ 5° 10 days
November 13°/ 3° 5 days
December 8°/ -2° 4 days

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