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Q. Min budget for visiting?

Ashwin Bhatkal

2 years ago
3k excluding travel to the place. You would spend most of your time on beaches and trekking would be the best option.

Q. Hello guys, could you please suggest me the best way to reach Gokarna from Hyderabad? I see there is no proper transportation to this place except for traveling in own vehicle or taxi..

Rauf Manamal

2 years ago
You can choose train. Hyderabad to Bangalore to Gokarna. There is daily train from Bangalore to Gokarna in the evening.

Q. How safe is Gokarna as a solo woman traveller?

Devyani Chandra

3 years ago
Yes Gokarna is largely a safe place as it is mostly filled with both Indian and foreign tourists only who are concerned with their own business more than anything else. But like any other place, you (Read More)can always run into one or two poorly behaved individuals.

Q. Hotel rate there..budgt friendly..

Rohit Shroff

3 years ago
there are lots of hotels in Gokarna. rates start from 500 to 2000 per night for good rooms. stay near Om beach or Kudle beach.

Q. How many days will it take 2visit gokarna...main attractions..and pls mention places must visit..like beaches and temples..and can we do package tour to visit all those places in 2days... how can we reach goa frm there..

Kaveesh Nair

3 years ago
Gokarna has many beautiful beaches you can visit. But you should not miss the Om beach and the Kudle Beach. You should also visit the Mahabaleshwar Temple and the Maha Ganpati Temple. Gokarna can eas (Read More)ily be completed within 2 days and while there will be tourism packages available, it's better to go by yourself and go around at your own convenience. The best way to go to Goa from Gokarna is via bus. There are numerous roadways as well as private bus services between the two destinations.

Q. May I have an approx budget 2visit places in gokrna like bitches and temples for 2days in sharing basis or reserve and which kind of vehicle available there..lf I go wid my family wid 6 or 7persons wht will be best to stay and travl wid economy price...

Kaveesh Nair

3 years ago
The Green Land Guest House is a good home stay option if you are travelling with. Non A/C double occupancy bedrooms start from 250-500 and you can add an extra bed for only Rs. 50. That amounts to ap (Read More)prox 2000 rupees for two nights stay for 6 people. There are ferry services available from 50-100 rupees per person connecting the beaches of the town. Also, since it is a small town, most of the attractions can be covered on foot, however if you want, you can find autos and cabs and you'll have to negotiate for the best prices. For food, calculating 100 rupees for everyone for each meal calculates to expenditure of about 1800 a day, so 3600 for two days. So just to be safe on the safer side, you should keep around 8000-10000 for a two day Gokarna trip for your family.
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Meera Ramadas

2 years ago
Gokarna the Secret Paradise... Gokarna is known for its beaches and divine culture. It is a place where you can enjoy all types of beaches and water sports. Sometimes you can see similarities between (Read More) Goa and Gokarna, and both are situated on the same route. "Link Hidden"

Muhammed Salih

2 years ago
This temple town is usually known for its picturesque beaches and cuisines from all over the world. When you take a walk around you?ll come across people from different parts of the world staying aro (Read More)und Gokarna. With a number of hostels right on the beach, you can even wake up to sunrises but make sure you book those hostels before you go. Bike rentals are available for as cheap as 300 rupees per day. Bikes are ideal as you get to travel around the town and discover places.

Pawan Tandon

on Gokarna beach 3 years ago
Average..you can spend 1-2 hour max their..

Nishant Choubey

on Yaana 3 years ago
The best part of this tour is the road by which you reach this isolated spot. Covered with thick forest and enigmatic view of the falls and hills is something that won't fade out of your mind easily. (Read More) The road is not for the rookie traveller. You will hardly find any sign of human. But yes once you reach there it will all worth your time and effort.

Pawan Tandon

on Kudle Beach 3 years ago
Out of all beach this is the only beach where you can spend some quality time.

Subham Dawn

3 years ago
If you are lucky enough you can witness phytoplanktons ..

Brahmani Keni

3 years ago
I have been here many times since Gokarna is my native place. The two best things about Gokarna are non-veg cuisine and clean beaches. There are not many famous attractions here but one can visit Gok (Read More)arna to relax and enjoy delicious sea-food Ps: Don't forget to taste the pompret fry in any local hotel.

Pawan Tandon

on Water Sports in Gokarna 3 years ago
Sorry but in Gokarna their is no water sports

Rohit Shroff

3 years ago
- Don't forget to carry beach wear, sunscreen, hat, a pair of flip-flops, and sunglasses.
- Visiting the beaches during monsoon is not a good idea since the beaches are desolate and unkempt and th (Read More)e accommodation and food options are very limited.
- The place is ideal for a relaxed holiday. Be prepared for things moving on a slow pace.
- There are no ATMs on the beaches. So carry enough cash along.
- Drinking regular water is not advisable. You should only have bottled water as far as possible.

Nishant Choubey

3 years ago
Two hours before reaching Gokarna, early in the morning, I wake up to witness the scenic beauty. I have been here twice and ll come again and again. You can relax on any of the beach with variety of (Read More)delicious food for your palate. If you are planning to visit nearby places, bikes and cars are available for rent. Add it to your wishlist. Good luck.

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