Beautiful Beaches in Gokarna for a ScenicStay

List of Beaches in Gokarna

Gokarna is turning out to be a pretty popular tourist destination owing to its laid back environment, pleasing locales, sweeping views of the mighty Arabian Sea and the gorgeous beaches in Gokarna. T (Read More)he beaches in Gokarna also encourage water sports and activities including swimming, beach volleyball, paragliding, water surfing etc. Lined with tall coconut groves and banana trees, the hilly terrain of the place also allows trekking opportunities. And with the surreal view of the indigo Arabian Sea below and clear blue skies overhead, these trekking trails become all the more charming. Popularly known as the 'Paradise for Beach Lovers', make sure you choose from our compiled list and definitely visit the perfect beaches in Gokarna to have that very mesmerising experience of your life.

Here is the list of 10 Beautiful Beaches in Gokarna for a ScenicStay

1. Om Beach

Om Beach
4.4 /5

Om beach is a wonderful beach located in the town of Gokarna. One can bask in the glory and serenity of the picturesque surroundings here. Its captivating beauty and pristine water lashing on the beach is a source of tranquillity for all the visitors. Shaped like the symbol 'Om', this is one of the beaches in Gokarna that offers a number of adventure sports to the junkies.

Type of Beach: Public Beach
Things to Do: Surfing, parasailing, laze at the sunbeds
Eating Options: Many chic cafes and restaurants are located near the beach, small stalls and shacks are present as well.
Location: Light House Rd, Kovalam

2. Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach
4.5 /5

Half Moon Beach is a small beach in Gokarna. It is separated from the Om Beach by a cliff from where tourists are bound to get an amazing view of the Arabian Sea. Numerous village huts in the classical Indian style can be spotted lined up by this beach in Gokarna giving it a rather traditional and homely touch altogether.

3. Gokarna beach

Gokarna beach
4.3 /5 View 5+ photos

This beach in Gokarna is several kilometres long and is situated at the edge of Gokarna which is a quaint pilgrim town in Karnataka. It has recently gained popularity as a go - to beach destination owing to its wonderful stretches of sand and pristine locations. Gokarna beaches were hardly used by the locals until foreign tourists started thronging the seaside.

4. Kudle Beach

Kudle Beach
4.3 /5

This is one of the most famous tourist spot, located around 20-minutes (walking distance) away from Gokarna. Here travelers will get a number of simple huts and beach-side eating places where one can enjoy lots of things. A kilometre-long pure white sandy beach surrounded by palm trees is the major attraction of this beach in Gokarna that attracts a large number of travellers.

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5. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach
4.6 /5

The fourth beach lying across the coast of Gokarna Town, Paradise Beach is also well-known by the name of 'Full Moon Beach'. Located in the state of Karnataka, the Paradise Beach is about 150 meters in length and out of this almost seventy percent of the beach is entirely covered in rocks. The rest of the beach is adorned with clean white sand all over.

6. Baada Beach, Kumta

Baada Beach, Kumta
3.1 /5

A beautiful beach with equally entrancing environs is one of the cleanest beaches in the region. Flanked by hills on two sides and a rock formation in the middle, Baada Beach is highly recommended to visit while on a trek route from Kirki to Gokarna.

7. Alvekodi Beach, Kumta

Alvekodi Beach, Kumta
3.1 /5

A hidden beach in the village of Alvekodi lying in the proximity of Kumta is pristine and crystal clear. While travelling through a long winding way of fields, the end result is an unspoilt destination adorned with white sandy beach glowing in the shadow of sun rays.

8. Nirvana Beach, Gokarna

Nirvana Beach, Gokarna

A lesser-known, relatively secluded and extremely clean beach in Karnataka, Nirvana Beach in Gokarna is a long stretch of golden sand and clear blue water. Ideal for a relaxing and serene getaway, the beach offers excellent sunrise and sunset views and is also great for taking a dip. It is not open for water sports but the beach is perfect for volleyball or simply sunbathing while watching a few fishing boats go by. Just a ferry ride from popular beaches, Nirvana Beach is a wonderful place to spend some peaceful time with family.

9. Small Hell Beach, Gokarna

Small Hell Beach, Gokarna

A must-visit when in Gokarna, Small Hell Beach is a peaceful beach that features golden sand and ultramarine blue water that is exceptionally calm. Given that it is untouched by untouched hands, the surroundings are quite clean and absolutely breathtaking. Surrounded by massive rocks and tall trees, it is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, taking photographs and relaxing. A few fishing boats go by occasionally and add to the scenic beauty of the area.

10. Belekan Beach, Gokarna

Belekan Beach, Gokarna

Belekan Beach in Gokarna is a remote location accessible mainly via a boat ride from Gokarna Beach that is known for its calm blue water and magnificent views of the hills around. It is close to Moonlight Beach and is a tranquil location perfect for a relaxing day. While swimming is definitely a go-to activity here, it is also great for playing beach volleyball and frisbee. Being here in the evenings allows visitors to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous sunset against the hills and just enjoy the sight of boats littered around on the water.

Which of these beaches in Gokarna are your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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