Places to Visit near Gokarna

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Places to Visit near Gokarna

Here is the list of 15 Places to Visit near Gokarna

1. Yana, Kumta

Yana, Kumta
3.1 /5

Yana is a place packed with every element of nature enhancing its beauty further with two rock formation. Located 28 km from Kumta, each formation is very huge standing at a height of 90 m and 120m and are known as Mohini Shikhara and Bhairaveshwara Shikhara respectively.

Distance from Gokarna: 49 km

2. Murudeshwar, Karnataka - Seashore, Scuba Diving and the Shiva

Murudeshwar, Karnataka - Seashore, Scuba Diving and the Shiva
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Known For : Murudeshwar Temple Netrani Island Murudeshwar Beach

With its major attraction as the huge Shiva temple, Murudeshwar is a religious site which also serves as the connecting point for popular scuba diving destination Netrani. Murudeshwar is home to the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. With the shimmering Arabian Sea on three sides and the magnificent Western Ghats imposing their presence on this town, it is a favourite picnic spot for the folks from Kerala and Karnataka.

Distance from Gokarna: 78 km

Best Time: October to May

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3. Half Moon Beach, Gokarna

Half Moon Beach, Gokarna
4.5 /5

Half Moon Beach is a small beach situated in Gokarna. It is separated from the Om Beach by a cliff from where tourists are bound to get an amazing view of the Arabian Sea. Numerous village huts in the classical Indian style can be spotted lined up by the beach giving it a rather traditional and homely touch altogether.

Distance from Gokarna: 5 km

4. Sathodi Falls, Dandeli

Sathodi Falls, Dandeli

Several unnamed streams near Kallaramane ghat unite together to form the Sathodi Falls. This beautiful waterfall lies in the Uttara Kannada district of Yellapur, in Karnataka. A few years back the non-locals were completely unaware of its existence until it started attracting tourists. The Sathodi waterfall is 15 metres tall and appears to be rectangular.

Distance from Gokarna: 86 km

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5. Paradise Beach, Gokarna

Paradise Beach, Gokarna
4.6 /5

The fourth beach lying across the coast of Gokarna Town, Paradise Beach is also well-known by the name of 'Full Moon Beach'. Located in the state of Karnataka, the Paradise Beach is about 150 meters in length and out of this almost seventy percent of the beach is entirely covered in rocks. The rest of the beach is adorned with clean white sand all over.

Distance from Gokarna: 8 km

6. Mirjan Fort, Kumta

Mirjan Fort, Kumta
3.6 /5

Located on the banks of River Aghanashini, Mirjan Fort is a royal reminder of our glorious history. It is situated about 11 km from the town of Kumta in Karnataka and is spread over an area of 4.1 hectares. The fort is also believed to be a site for many past battles in 16th and 17th Century and was functional till 1785. Later, the British captured this fort and used it for their armoury.

Distance from Gokarna: 22 km

7. Sirsi, Gokarna

Sirsi, Gokarna

If you wish to visit a place that is a commercial yet tranquil, Sirsi is the ultimate destination for a getaway. Providing with the best of both worlds, this city lies in the Uttar Kannada district in the state of Karnataka. This city circumscribed with dense forests and waterfalls provides the travelers with many picturesque spots where they can unwind and relax.

Distance from Gokarna: 81 km

8. Kodachadri Hills, Maravanthe

Kodachadri Hills, Maravanthe
3.7 /5

Kodachadri Hills serve as a stunning backdrop of evergreen forests to the town of Maravanthe. Located in the Western Ghats at a height of 4411 feet above the sea level, they also proves to be one of the good trekking trails, beginning at the South Kanara Forest.

Distance from Gokarna: 173 km

9. Anshi National Park, Dandeli

Anshi National Park, Dandeli

Anshi National Park is a part of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and covers about 500 square kilometres of the natural reserve. It is a famous Tiger Reserve and is now called the Kali Tiger Reserve. With a high biodiversity that is most specific to the Western Ghats of India, the attraction is a favourite amongst nature and animal lovers.

Distance from Gokarna: 110 km

10. Kudle Beach, Gokarna

Kudle Beach, Gokarna
4.3 /5

Kudle Beach is one of the many beaches of Gokarna, situated only a few minutes' walk from Gokarna Beach or Om Beach. The beach is a paradise for those who love peace and quietude while they travel. A complete recluse, this beach offers the most silent and serene atmosphere to enjoy a sunset, a walk along the shore or simply sit and observe the never-ceasing tides.

Distance from Gokarna: 6 km

11. Jog Falls, Karnataka - The majestic waterfalls

Jog Falls, Karnataka - The majestic waterfalls
4.3 /5 View 18+ photos

The second-highest plunge waterfall of India, Jog Falls is a major tourist attraction in Karnataka. Located on the border of Shimoga and Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka, Jog waterfalls is the highest waterfall in the state. Also known as Gerosappa Falls or the Joga Falls, these falls are one of the most important attractions in all of South India.

Distance from Gokarna: 112 km

Best Time: July to December

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12. Honnemaradu, Karnataka - The Land of the Golden Sands

Honnemaradu, Karnataka - The Land of the Golden Sands
5.0 /5 View 10+ photos

Known For : The Honnemaradu Reservoir Dabbe Falls Rafting in Honnemaradu

Honnemaradu is a small cozy village, by the Honnemaradu Reservoir. The deserted village is like a live amusement park, just without any boundaries. The little village has very few people, and the only attraction is the water sports done at the Honnemaradu lake. Honnemaradu is a place like no other. And though every tourist destination has a unique set of things to offer, Honnemaradu takes it a notch higher.

Distance from Gokarna: 131 km

Best Time: October to December, March to Apr

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13. Karwar, Karnataka

Karwar, Karnataka
4.2 /5 View 44+ photos

Known For : Kurumgad Island Sadashivgad Fort Devbagh Beach

Karwar with its gorgeous scenic beauty and a subtle sparkle of religion and history is a beautiful tourist destination. The pristine beaches glimmering along the Arabian sea coastline, the imposing mountains, and the rich flora and fauna make it a photographer's delight. It is a place where you can witness the beautiful clash of Konkani, Kannada and Marathi cultures and escape from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Distance from Gokarna: 60 km

Best Time: November to Apr

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14. Udupi, Karnataka

Udupi, Karnataka
4.3 /5 View 15+ photos

Known For : St. Mary's Island Malpe Beach Krishna Temple

Udupi is a coastal town in Karnataka, most famous for its vegetarian cuisine and South Indian restaurants all over the country. With carefully carved temples, laidback beaches and unexplored forests, Udupi is also the place where the educational hub of Manipal is located. Situated 60 km. from Mangalore, Udupi is famous for its culture. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western ghats on the other, this pilgrim centre is the most important city in Karnataka after Bangalore and Mangalore.

Distance from Gokarna: 178 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

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15. Goa - Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights

Goa - Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights
4.5 /5 View 114+ photos

Known For : Calangute Beach Fort Aguada Cruise in Goa

Lying on the west coast, Goa is one of the smallest states in India known for its brilliant beaches, scrumptious food and Portuguese heritage. Panjim, the capital city located in the centre is well-connected with an international airport and roads and trains run from North to South part of Goa. With a coastline stretching for over 100 kilometres, Goa has numerous beaches that attract millions of visitors. While Baga and Calangute are more popular among the Indian family crowd, Anjuna and Arambol draw a lot of foreign tourists.

Distance from Gokarna: 155 km

Best Time: October to March

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