Things To Do In Dominica

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Sub-Region: Caribbean Island

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Things To Do In Dominica

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1. Cabrits National Park

Cabrits National Park
4.5 /5

1 out of 9
Things To Do in Dominica

An epitome of natural beauty, Cabrits National Park is also known for its historic significance.

2. Kalinago Barana Aute

Kalinago Barana Aute
4.3 /5

2 out of 9
Things To Do in Dominica

Kalinago Barana Aute represents the culture and craftsmanship of the country for its visitors.

3. Trafalgar Falls

Trafalgar Falls
4.2 /5

3 out of 9
Things To Do in Dominica

Trafalgar Falls are one of the most popular waterfalls of the country offering enchanting views of water cascading down the rift.

4. Batibou Beach

Batibou Beach
3.8 /5

4 out of 9
Things To Do in Dominica

Pristine and nature bound, Batibou Beach offers something for everyone from adventure to relaxation of mind.

5. Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden
3.8 /5

5 out of 9
Things To Do in Dominica

Displaying the diverse wildlife of Dominica, this Botanic Garden is perfect place for nature lovers.

6. Dominica Museum

Dominica Museum
3.7 /5

6 out of 9
Things To Do in Dominica

Dominica Museum is a fascinating place to understand the history of the people of Dominica through various exhibits.

7. Scotts Head Point

Scotts Head Point
3.7 /5

7 out of 9
Things To Do in Dominica

Scotts Head Point is a destination for an adventurous soul offering great opportunity for hiking and snorkelling.

8. Soufriere Sulfer Springs

Soufriere Sulfer Springs
3.6 /5

8 out of 9
Things To Do in Dominica

A perfect place to rejuvenate and calm you mind and body, Soufriere Sulfer Springs are naturally heated mineralized streams.

9. Roseau Cathedral

Roseau Cathedral
3.6 /5

9 out of 9
Things To Do in Dominica

An epitome of fusion architecture, Roseau Cathedral combines Gothic with Caribbean style with elegance.

FAQs on Dominica

How can I commute within Dominica?

Dominica is a small country that is easy to get around with local transportation system. There are government-licensed minivans that run along the main roads and number plates starting with H. The schedule is not fixed and all the routes begin at many stops in downtown Roseau. They operate from Monday to Saturday between 6:00 am to 7:00 pm and all you need to do is stick out a hand to hitch a ride. There are many car rental companies in the country and driving serve as one of the best way to explore around. However, the experience may be stressful with poor condition of roads, difficult terrain and local driving practices. Here driving in on the left side. Taxis are easily available but there are not metered or follow any fixed price chart, so better hone up your negotiating skills before getting a ride. Hitching a ride is also an option but not recommended das it is never entirely safe, especially if solo travelling.
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What are the top sightseeing places in Dominica?

The top sightseeing places in Dominica are Cabrits National Park, Kalinago Barana Aute, Trafalgar Falls, Batibou Beach, Botanic Garden, Dominica Museum.