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What is the best time to visit Dibrugarh?

The climatic condition of this city is always pleasant, making this place fit to be visited any time of the year. The heat during the summer season is very mild, hence it is an ideal time to visit the area. The monsoon season experiences rainfall much like the monsoon period in other parts of the state. Lush green scenery can be seen during the monsoon season. Winters are mildly cold and light, with minimal protective clothing. The lowest expected temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. 

Weather in Dibrugarh


Upcoming Dibrugarh Weather

Monthly Weather in Dibrugarh

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 21°/ 11° 10 days
February 23°/ 12° 9 days
March 27°/ 15° 9 days
April 28°/ 17° 17 days
May 28°/ 20° 23 days
June 31°/ 23° 26 days
July 28°/ 23° 30 days
August 31°/ 24° 27 days
September 29°/ 23° 26 days
October 28°/ 20° 21 days
November 28°/ 17° 8 days
December 24°/ 11° 3 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh in Summer (April - May)

The temperature in summers ranges between 30 to 40 degrees Celcius. Though the humid climate makes the mornings uncomfortable for tourists, summer evenings are pleasant. Bihu, the city's biggest festival is celebrated during this season.

Dibrugarh in Monsoon (June - September)

Monsoon brings about moderate climate with high rainfall in the region. Though it’s a good time to hang out, high rainfall may disrupt normal life due to water logging in the city. Forest safaris are not allowed during this season either.

Dibrugarh in Winter (October - March)

This is the best time to visit Dibrugarh due to the comfortable weather. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature and also experience a jungle safari in this season.

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