Rafting in Brahmputra River (Tuting)

Rafting in Brahmputra River (Tuting), Yingkiong Overview

A lifetime expedition into the countryÕs north-east on one of the worldÕs longest river Brahmaputra. The rafting in the remote area is a breath taking experience.

Visit this offbeat destination Tuting where the real adventure begins upon the waves of one of the worldÕs great river, Brahmaputra. The main journey starts from the upper Brahmaputra (Siang) river in Tuting. The rafting ride covers about 180 kms of the river from Tuting to Pasighat, gurgling and negotiating the turbulence, fleeting through secluded remote gorges and unfathomable thick tropical rain forests. With nature at it best form, the ride apart from being frolicking fun is also an unforgettable experience.

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Availability of Clean Water

Yes, but it is advisable to ensure availability of clean drinking water in your custom package.

Availability of camping/shelter

The best way to fully enjoy this adventurous expedition is by camping. Almost all the tour operators offer camps near rafting site.

General Tips and Tricks

Best time to ride on the waves here is November to January. The expedition goes through some remote areas with no and almost negligible communication. Also prefer to go for the activity in groups of 4 or 6.

Safety Tips

Carry a compact first-aid kit just for safety. Stretch before you go in for the activity, and always plan the raft distance in your package carefully. If you are travelling with older people or children, find a suitable rafting stretch for them.

Things to carry

1) A compact first aid kit including medicines of importance. 2) Quick refreshments - energy drinks, energy bars 3) Bathing suits, shorts, river sandals, flip-flops, old sneakers 4) Waterproof camera bag, fresh batteries, waterproof lens 5) Plastic bags for carrying wet clothes

How to reach Rafting in Brahmputra River (Tuting)

  • Air: If you are planning a Brahmaputra River rafting, then land at a quaint little village called Mohanbari just outside Dibrugarh, situated 493 kms from Guwahati. From here on, take a ferry from Ferryghat which includes a change at Majorbari and then a taxi transfer to Yingkiong. There are regular taxi services (mostly sumo) which further take you to Tuting. In between one also have to cross a hanging bridge across Siang River on foot.

  • Rail: Tuting do not own a railway station of its own. Thus, Dirbugarh Town Railway Station serves as a nearest major railway station to your destination about 184 kms away.

  • Road: Dibrugarh is situated about 440 kms from Guwahati. The National Highway 37 connects it with all the major cities and towns of Assam with regular bus services by Assam State Transport Corporation within and outside the state.

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About Rafting in Brahmputra River (Tuting)

Cost of Activity : Starts at Rs. 1600 per rafting per day including one night stay.

Difficulty Level : Medium to challenging/III to IV Grade

Nearest Airport : Dibrugarh

Nearest Railhead : Dibrugarh

Nearest road city : Dibrugarh

Region : Tuting, Upper Siang District

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