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Delft has a very good collection of restaurants and joints, catering to the needs of all kinds of people. Cuisines can be found from all over, in restaurants of various types. Restaurants like the Kleyweg in Oude Delft and Visbanken in Camaretten are famous for their delicious sandwiches, with the former arguably having the best sandwiches in town! While in Delft, do remember to indulge in the lovely baked delights and chocolates. And of course, any place in Netherlands is incomplete without a great round of local beers. Explore Delft for the perfect restaurants for your palete.

Food for Indians in Delft

Indian restaurants in Delft are few and far in between. The Indian Garden (Kerkstraat) and the Restaurant Maharaja (Nieuwe Langendijk) are the only two known Indian restaurants. Hills & Mills (Oude Langendijk) meanwhile, is a very interesting vegetarian and vegan restaurant, where you will find an amazing blend of Indian and European cuisines.

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Delft, Netherlands

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