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Food of Utrecht

Be sure to try typical Dutch items like Prauwels, Vijfschaft, Hernhuttertjes and the Janhagel. If you dont' speak dutch you may have a difficult time asking if something is vegetarian or not. It is best to have a local around with you or ask at your hostel or hotel about how to find pure vegetarian places. Food in Utrecht, like the rest of Netherlands revolves a lot around meat and breads. Indonesian food is really popular with the locals as well.

Food for Indians in Utrecht

Indian port tandoori restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Utrecht for Indian food. If you are not able to segregate what vegetarian and non-vegetarian means for the restaurant owner it's always safer to eat at a vegan restaurant. Jains may try the vegan restaurants too as specifically Jain restaurants are not available in Utrecht. Other popular Indian restaurants include the Taj Mahal, Namaskar and Surya Utrecht.

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