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Colombo, being the main city in Sri Lanka, has a lively and extravagant nightlife. May it be the entertaining Casinos, night clubs, fantastic bars or luxury restaurants. When it comes to evening entertainment, Colombo is your place! Not very heavy on the pocket, nightlife in Colombo is the best in the country. Whether you're a party animal or someone who'd while away time with a chilled beer grooving to fantastic music here's a list of the best places for nightlife in Colombo that would surely impress you!

1. Rhythm and Blues 


If you’re into live music performances, a chilled out ambience and hardcore partying then this is the place for you! Drinks are available by the bottle as well as the glass to keep you entranced the whole evening. 
Where in Colombo: 19/1 Daisy Villa Avenue, Duplication Road, Colombo
Highlights: Live music, Theme Nights 
Approx cost for two: LKR 3500 

2. Bally’s Casino 


Bally’s Casino is the largest Casino in all of Sri Lanka and truly provide you with that authentic gaming experience. Located inside Colombo’s top hotel, this place is known for its warm hospitality. 
Where in Colombo: 34 D R Wijayawardena Mawatha, Colombo 
Highlights: Friendly Staff, luxurious experience. 
Timing: Open 24 hours 

3. Cleopatra Night Club 


This gorgeously painted underground night club in Colombo is a popular party location among locals and tourists alike. With fun lighting, amazing cocktails and popping music, this place is surely a party animal’s dream. 
Where in Colombo: Liberty Plaza, 250 B1, R.A. De Mel Mw, Colombo
Highlights: Delicious cheese plates, wines and beer
Approx Cost for two: LKR 3500

4. W Lounge 


If you like dancing to the tunes and enjoying some killer cocktails then this 24-hour nightclub in Colombo will suit you best. They have special ladies nights discounts and live DJ. 
Where in Colombo: 31 Horton Place | Opposite Coffee Bean, Colombo 
Highlights: DJ nights, Fresh Seafood 
Approx cost for two: LKR 4000 

5. Soprano’s 


If you are a karaoke lover then this place is a dream come true for you! This dimly lit bar is where the trendy youth of Colombo go to have a fun-filled karaoke night! It serves delectable food and refreshing drinks. The place is known for its music, comfy sofas and great service. 
Where in Colombo: 29, Maitland Crescent, Colombo 
Highlights: Karaoke, chilled drinks 
Timings: opens at 7:00 PM till the last customer leaves. 

6. Bellagio Casino


Bellagio Casino is a conveniently located and well-loved Casino in the middle of the city of Colombo. The atmosphere here is perfect when you want to add a laid back yet competitive turn to your nightlife in Colombo. Being one of the most famous casinos in town, you can expect to play your luck by winning some and losing some here. Enjoy yourself by challenging your opponents and friends to a game of Three Card Poker, Roulette, and Black Jack.
Where in Colombo: 430 R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo  
Timing: open 24 Hours 

7. Silk 


Silk is one of the best bars for nightlife in Colombo when it comes to the drinks. They offer quality wine and champagne options and live music to keep you entertained.
Where in Colombo: Maitland Crescent, Colombo 
Highlights: Wine, Champagne and delicious Mutton kebabs
Approx cost for two: LKR 3000 

8. ON 14 Roof Top Bar & Lounge


This Rooftop restaurant and bar in the OZO hotel promise luxurious dining for your friends and family. Enjoy the nightlife in Colombo at this gorgeous lounge with an amazing view. With numerous drink and food options, you can relax and spend time enjoying a gorgeous seaside view. 
Where in Colombo: No. 36-38, OZO, Clifford Place, Colombo 
Highlights: Rooftop bar, sea facing 
Approx cost for two: LKR 4750

9. Disques 


This famous Night Club is for those who love to dance to loud music along with a few drinks! The super-exclusive retro club in Sri Lanka is definitely the one to become a part of Colombo's stunning nightlife destinations playing the best in Retro music.
Where in Colombo: 1st Floor, Racecourse Promenade, Colombo 
Highlights: 80s and 90s hip hop and pop music 
Timings: Open till 4:00 AM 

10. Clique 


Clique is known for its amazing Asian cuisine and delicious finger food. Paired with some ice cold drinks and looking over the view of the town hall, this place is an amazing location to spend a relaxing night. 
Where in Colombo: 505 Union Place Colombo 02, Colombo  
Highlights: Asian, Sushi, Steakhouse 
Approx cost for two: LKR 3000

11. Fishtail Aquatic Club 


This five star rated night club is Colombo is known for its delicious barbecued meals that are made fresh to order! They serve gorgeous grilled meat and chilled drinks. A must place to go with friends. 
Where in Colombo: 140 De La Salle St, Colombo
Highlights: Live Barbecue 
Approx cost for two: LKR 2500

12. The Kingsbury Colombo


The Kingsbury Colombo is one of the places where you can truly experience nightlife in Colombo. It is located in the heart of Colombo city and situated by the banks of the great Indian Ocean. The Kingsbury Club really embraces the golden age of grace and elegance. Enjoy a luxurious dining experience here along with an amazing view. 
Where in Colombo: 48 Janadhipathi Mawatha Colombo 1, Colombo 
Highlights: Luxury dining, exotic drink 
Approx cost for two: LKR 3500

13. Floor by O! 


If someone that likes to dance away the evening with friends and snack on some delicious finger food, this is definitely a place for you. Comfortable seating, dance floor, and amazing drinks make this place super popular among the trendy bunch. 
Where in Colombo: 41 3/1 Maitland Crescent, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Highlights: Full Drink Bar, Table Service
Approx cost for two: LKR 4000

14. Vistas Rooftop Bar & Lounge

If there’s one place in Colombo that’s known for their offbeat dishes, it’s this one. Vistas offer a Multi cuisine experience for those who like to experiment with their palettes. In house DJ, Bartenders and a chilled out atmosphere, truly make it a must visit! 
Where in Colombo: Liberty Plaza Car Park Road, Colombo 
Highlights: Ginger Fried Chicken, Cuban Pork Sandwich, Tapioca Chips
Approx cost for two: LKR 3000 

15. Jims Poker Room- Marina Colombo


Jim's Poker Room is a casino and is open to members and invited guests. If you’re into poker, enjoy the nightlife in Colombo at this location! The visitors here have around the clock access to the delicious gourmet food and top-shelf luxurious liquor. The room is open 24 hours and all days of the week so you can be sure about having a great time here in the evenings and throughout the night. The Poker room even holds a poker school for all those looking to learn the game of poker in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere.
Where in Colombo: Casino Marina ColomboMarine Drive, Colombo
Highlights: 24-hour service, high-quality drinks and food 

16. Colombo Court Hotel & Spa


If you’re more into peaceful and relaxing dining, this place can serve you right! The restaurant and bar at this Hotel and Spa are in a three-floor block overlooking the road. You can also enjoy a daytime pool, café and roof terrace here. The air-conditioned Scarlet Room is where you’ll find the hotel’s dining room. It is known to serve predominantly Italian cuisine for dinner.
Where in Colombo: 32 Alfred House Ave, Colombo 
Highlights: Spa, Minibar 
Approx cost for two: LKR 5000

17. The Re.Pub.Lk

The Re.Pub.Lk is an amazing place to hang out with your friends late at night with some good music. Their delicious food will surely catch your attention. Don’t forget to try out their authentic Indian curries and special dishes during the Colombo street food festival.  

Where in Colombo: 57 Hospital Street Colombo Fort, Colombo 
Highlights: Ghee Roast Chicken, Cuttlefish, Cocktails 
Approx cost for two: LKR 4000

18. In...on the Green


When it comes to the evening, In...on the Green is the place to be. This place will surely catch your eye with its full bar, live music and beautiful indoor seating! 
Where in Colombo: 2 Galle Road, Galle Face Hotel, Colombo
Highlights: Live Music, Must try Seafood Curry Pot
Approx cost for two: LKR 4000
Timings: 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM

19. Ce La Vi Colombo


CÉ LA VI is Singapore’s award-winning dining and nightlife brand. They very recently announced its partnership with The Kingsbury Colombo which is one of the finest five-star luxury hotels in Colombo. With this partnership, they launched their newest restaurant and lounge chain in Colombo in 2018. One of the major players in making the Nightlife in Colombo so happening, Ce La Vi is the place for you if you’re into luxurious drinks and cocktails. At this luxury lounge, you can bask in the amazing view of the sunset while sipping on cocktails crafted by the region's finest Mixologists. Enjoy an elevated and lip-smacking dining experience where Modern Asian meets Japanese cuisine.
Where in Colombo: 48 Janadhipathi Mawatha The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo 
Highlights: Complete luxury dining, authentic Asian cuisine 
Approx cost for two: LKR 5000

20. Taphouse by RnR


This place is famous for its groovy music, dancing, and of course, the drinks! With live music, affordable beer, and chilled out atmosphere, it’s a must visit when you’re trying to enjoy the nightlife in Colombo.
Where in Colombo: Canal Road, Dutch Hospital Complex, Colombo 
Highlights: Full Bar, Indoor and Outdoor seating
Approx cost for two: LKR 3000 

21. The Love Bar


The Love Bar menu offers a tantalizing variety of intoxicating exotic beverages, various cocktails and mocktails comprising of unique Flamingo House concoctions. They are known for their amazing love potions, party staples, and popular bottles that are sure to excite you when you’re in Colombo. Enjoy your nightlife in Colombo at this quirky yet sophisticated bar.
Where in Colombo: 07 58 A, Horton Place, Colombo, Colombo 
Highlights: Exclusive cocktails, high-quality liquor 
Approx cost for two: LKR 3500

22. Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe


Playtrix Sports bar and cafe is a great place to enjoy the nightlife in Colombo if you like eating out while watching the match or if you’re into exotic cocktails and mocktails while cheering for your favourite team! With their expansive menu, they are sure to win your heart. It’s one of the finest sports bars when you looking to have a great time enjoying the nightlife in Colombo and is highly recommended when you’re planning to have a casual outing with your friends! 
Where in Colombo: 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha Colombo City Centre Mall, Colombo 
Highlights: Must try Cheese Fritters, Lobster and Bacon Bites
Approx cost for two: LKR 2500

23. 2zero6 Music Factory


With a unique atmosphere, well planned out and photogenic lighting system, 2zero6 Music Factory is a two-storied nightspot. This fabulous evening getaway was opened in 2018 and is the ideal venue to let yourself loose over the weekends and during the weekdays.
Where in Colombo: No.206, Havelock Road, Colombo 
Highlights: Prime Location, Live DJ, Full bar 
Approx cost for two: LKR 4000

24. Flamingo House


The aptly-named Flamingo House is the newest, and probably funkiest, addition to Colombo’s restaurants and nightlife. The food is quite different and interesting, the excellent cocktails and crazy interior will surely impress you. 
Where in Colombo: 58 a Horton Place Colombo, Colombo
Highlights: Must try Pulled Pork Sandwich, Flamingo Rosa Cocktail 
Approx cost for two: LKR 4000

25. Honey Beach Club


This Night Club stands out from the rest as it has its own pool and jacuzzi that you can get access to! The experience becomes complete with their freshly made pizzas and drinks that come with it! 
Where in Colombo: 48 Janadhipathi Mawatha Lobby Level, Ground Floor, Colombo 
Highlights: Pool, Jacuzzi, delicious Nasi Goreng 
Approx cost for two: LKR 3000

26. Stella Karaoke Bar and Lounge 


This famous Karaoke bar is the most popular one in Colombo, and charges no entry fee! Rated a full five stars, it is known for its delicious drinks, mouth-watering food, and of course, loud karaoke! 
Where in Colombo: 2 Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner MW, Colombo 
Highlights: Affordable, Best Karaoke Bar
Approx cost for two: LKR 4000

27. Galadari Hotel - Margarita Blue

Known for its Retro Pub Ambience, this place serves some of the best cocktails and bites in Colombo. Service is quick, music is groovy and they have their own Live DJ and band

Where in Colombo: The Galadari Hotel, 64, Lotus Road, Colombo 
Highlights: Live DJ and Band, Retro feel
Approx cost for two: LKR 2500

28. Curve Tapas Bar


This place is much more than just a Tapas Bar, with live music, delicious cocktails, mocktails, and vegetarian-friendly options, it proves to be an amazing evening hang out destination. 
Where in Colombo: Park Street Mews, 50/1 Park street Colombo 2, Colombo 
Highlights: Milkshakes, liquor, Fried Prawn Tapas
Approx cost for two: LKR 2500

29. Stirred 


Stirred is one of the best spots for experiencing nightlife in Colombo. This lounge-cum-bar has gorgeous tints of red, white, black and blue that gives a retro yet classy vibe. This place is for those who like to experiment with something new and unconventional. 
Where in Colombo: Cinnamon Red, 59, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Kollupitiya, Colombo 
Highlights: you can order your food using an internet protocol system 
Timing: Open 24 hours 

30. ZAZA Bar


If you’re someone that's into modern yet abstract settings when it comes to bars, this place is surely for you! ZAZA bar is surrounded by glass walls and ceilings making it an extremely photogenic and beautiful location to enjoy your nightlife in Colombo. The neon lighting in the soothing lounge makes it stand out from the rest and attracts a young and trendy crowd. Serving up delicious multi-cuisine bites and world-class cocktails and mocktails, this bar will surely blow your mind! 
Where in Colombo: Casa Colombo, 231, Galle Rd, Colombo 
Highlights: Indoor and Outdoor seating with glass windows
Approx cost for two: LKR 3500

This post was published by Eshita Goel

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