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Pallavi Siddhanta 1 year ago
- Book hotels in advance during the holiday season
- Enquire about the waterfalls, in case you're planning to go in the summer
- Prefer using bottled water for drinking purposes
- Since there is no meter for vehicles here, take help of a local to negotiate prices for rickshaws as well as cabs or private vehicles hired for an entire day
harshitha k p 9 months ago
Situated very close to Bangalore, Kaivara is a divine place famous for Sri Yogi Nareyana (Kaivara Tatayya) Temple/Samadhi. There are many temples on top of small hills near Kaivara Tatayya Temple such as Kailasa Giri, Yoganarasimha Swamy Temple, Vaikunta and Thatayya Cave etc. Furthermore, free food is provided by the ashram every day for devotees.

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Q. There is any idea to tour without travelling agents

Sharanu Bhurke 1 year ago
Google the locations of ur own interests, read d blogs, go to social sites, arrange transport, train is best for 400km+ distances.

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